Lest I Forget & Ripping Off Barlow Girl!!!

Lest I Forget...how easy it is for me to do that so it seems...how can I feel Him so close, want to do His will and just run flat away from Him in the very next moment...truly forgetting everything...Eldredge was right, we wake up each morning unbelievers and have to remind ourselves why we believe what we do...I was going to right something profound, but instead I thought I would rip Barlow Girl off by stealing some of the questions they answered in their bios, hope they don't mind cause I love them so and their new album ROCKS...check them out at their sit barlowgirl.com...Rebecca, Lauren, Alyssa...you girls ROCK!

UPDATE...sorry I didn't actually answer the music one, those were Alyssa's answers, they are all fixed now! ...Much Love, just view my profile if you want a more detailed list of what I like ot watch and listen to!

What music do you listen to? BarlowGirl!! Todd Agnew, I do like Country, Kane, Sara Groves, and some pop rock stuff like Bon Jovi and Rob Thomas...I pretty like antyhing from Jazz, to Contemporary Christian, to Pop Rock, to Alternative, and yes country!

Favorite Movies: Where the Heart Is, Love Comes Softly, Dear Frankie, Phantom of the Opera, Magic of Ordinary Days, Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Signs, ...

If you could live in any time period, when would it be? Do I really have to answer this question, don't most of you already know...the old west! That would be me...Melissa Ann taming the wild west with my cowboy!

If you could invite anyone in the world to a dinner party (dead or living) who would you have come? Mother Teresa, The Ingall's Family (the real ones), Mary Mother of Jesus, Paul, Esther, and Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon!

What would you eat? Anything Italian...YUM!

Who has inspired you? Melissa Gilbert, My sisters, My pastor, and little children inspire me all of the time.

Who are your heroes in real life? My sisters and Melissa Gilbert

A funny fan moment? OK...now this really would be a Barlow Girl moment so I'm but I'm going to use my example of when I met someone...well I did holler to Mark from Audio Adrenaline and ask where the in-store signing would be, I did go up to Michael Tait and tell him how great I thought DCT was and rendered a small hug, I did go up to the front during my fav Barlow Girl song and realized just how old I really was...but I think I did the best thing when I met Melissa Gilbert and went to thank her and something absolutely other wordly came out of my mouth...she looked at me like I was a fool...I know exactly how to make a fool of myself!

Favorite Color: Turqoise

Biggest Fear: Death, and not living a fufilled life!

Biggest Joy: The mystery the journey

#1 Book to Recommend: The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? A Doctor

Who are your two favorite sisters? Meredith and Michelle

Favorite Word: Home

Least Favorite Word: Ugly or Fat...hate someone to be called that in my presence!

What excites you? This wild fantastic journey we are on and Christmas!

What drains you? a negative person

What sound do you love? a child's laughter

What sound do you hate? Even though I have it on K-Love my alarm going off

What hobbies do you have outside of music? Once again a very pointed Barlow Girl question, but outside of music, I love to write, act, hike, camp, and travel!

What’s the hardest sacrifice you’ve made since being on the road? Again Barlow Girl question, but let's use it as the figurative road of life...I think the problem is I haven't sacrificed enough, I'm trying to die to self, I just need to quit looking at my life as my own!

What keeps you up at night? My little head starts a spinning with all the worries of the world and then my little stomach starts hurting and I just worry my little heart away!

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Gee...I don't know if I want to think that big, a front porch, cool breeze, mint ice tea, sitting on the porch swing with my darlin' kids playing in the yard, the mountains as a skyline.

What trait do you deplore in yourself? My inability to have a spritual backbone and not being fully transparent!

What is your greatest extravagance? Oh, I just overspend...shoes, DVDs and CDs...gosh!

What is your fav part of this journey? Sharing narratives with others on this journey

What is your current state of mind? Frustrated with myself, but strangely feeling blessed as well!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? I don't think I've got one yet...I think realizing that everything happens for a reason and that I'm on this journey because Christ has a purpose for my life!

What is your most treasured possession? My Little House on the Prairie collection on DVD!

What is your most marked characteristic? Most people would say kindness

Life Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:12

How does God speak to you? As I'm learning to hear the voice of God and respond to Him, I'm learning He comes in all ways, through what someone says, or what I watch on TV or waht I listen to, or even what I read in my email or blog, and of course in Scripture!

Who challenges you spiritually? When I think of challenges I think of struggles, but I guess it is meant for more who holds me to the fire, you guys, my sisters, and my pastor.

What is your motto? It's not about me!

Were you an odd child…tell us about that? Um, to chickens lay eggs...I was just a very internal little girl, I lived in my head, still do, I did wierd things, and thank goodness my sisters don't often read my blog or they could fill you in on some of them...I shutter...I'm still wierd...I just love the Peanuts comics where Marcy and Sir call each other wierd...it is so funny because I can so relate..."Gentleman Start Your Engines!"(That's from a Peanuts Comic, look it up!)

What’s the most worthless fact you know? The excessive amount of knowledge I have on LHOTP...I can sometimes recognize and episode just by the music...

What question do you have most about something in the Bible? Did Mary know the full impact of who her son was?

What were early home videos like for your family? I love home videos of our family, it is usually us dancing or goofing off and me being the little mother hen or let's be frank bossing everyone around, I am after all the oldest...there is one scene that show how internal I really am, I'm sing a lovely little song I wrote myself entitled "I'm A..." It goeas a little something like this...

I'm a walkin'
I'm a walkin'
I'm a wakin'


I'm a standin'
I'm a standin'
I'm a standin'


I'm a talkin'
I'm a talkin'
I'm a talkin'

You get the picture...oh yeah, and you have to do those things while you sing it! Did I mention I"m wierd!...or as Kat says Random...or as my sister says a Whirlwind (totally getting a shirt that say "The Original Whirlwind")


Pilot Mom said…
Now, Melissa,...WHY would you be afraid of dying? Explain this to me, please! :D
Dawn said…
I am really glad I visited your page. I love K-Love and have them linked to my page also, I adore Todd Agnew, had his video, but just changed it to Steven Curtis Chapman. I once offered to help take the youth to see Todd and Jerermy Camp, just so I could see Todd in concert. Love how he performs with no shoes! I am such a kid at heart. I really enjoyed reading your page.
Melissa said…
My dearest Claire, it is ever so hard to put into words why I am afraid of dying...it is not a fear that consumes me as it once did. I think at a very tender age I've been both fascinated and fearful of the process and yes part of me, with the way I was raised and the church I went to was overly confident where I would go...in the end me and God have wrestled with this, and continue to...I hold tight to the promise that He will be at the end of it all and that is very good! I think I'm more afraid of the how...and the leaving those I love than the wear of the matter at this point...I hope that sheds some light!

Dawn...I used to not like K Love, I was more an alternative harder edged chick, but I've fallen in love with the Praise and Worship and Jon and Sherry...I miss them this week due to the cruise...You bless my heart when you mention Todd Agnew...anyone who knows anything about me knows I adore his work and the person that he is! I live in Lexington so I've missed getting to see him as much as I might want...hope he will come around this part again soon!!! Thanks for stopping by!
Carol said…
You and I share similar taste in music. Isn't it amazing how deeply music can affect us?

When I wasn't walking with the Lord, I would have had apoplexy in the presence of any of my favorite artists. I may have keeped over dead if Ann or Nancy Wilson had so much as smiled at me. I was totally caught up in "idol" worship.

What hits me about Christian music is that the artists are in various stages of their growth, just like us. I hear stories of their falling into sin, just like us. I know they need a savior, just like us. I guess I expected that of secular artists, but we do - and should- hold Christian artists to a higher standard, spiritually.

I still wouldn't mind jamming with Ann & Nancy, though. (Doesn't that just date me?)

Enjoying getting caught up with your posts, Melissa. Thanks for all your words of encouragement!
Melissa said…
I've missed you Carol...you bless my heart!

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