I "Heart" Memphis!

Well, folks...I have tried to catch up and drop by all your blogs...sent a few post to my email to read later, etc...you all have been so busy it is difficult to catch up...didn't respond, but read them all...God is moving.

I just wanted you to know that, well, my baby sister leaves tomorrow for Memphis Tennessee. That's right she is moving...moving there because she feels that is where God wants her...she has got an apartment and the things she is bringing, but nothing else. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers has she is moving, in finding a job, and her health...she is coming down with some kind of viral infection (I swear she is Job)

I also ask for real prayers and direction in my life as I begin to plan a trip to North Carolina at the end of this month. Just pray from beginning to end, from preparation for the trip to visiting, to what God wants to tell me, to where He wants to lead me. I'm like Kat "Amy" I don't want to do anything without God moving in it first...I want to step in His footprints.

I got this lovely card in the mail the other day from Kat herself...the front of the card said "now is the time to live your ideal life"...God has continously(msp) been putting these little verses, quotes, and people who have been encouraging me. Some knew my circumstances, some didn't. I'm trying to be obedient....

I'm feeling led to sing Sunday night at church...I don't want to...I mean, I love to sing, I sing all of the time, but the fact that I would have to get up in front of people and sing...well...I also feel like God might be asking me to fast one meal for a week...I have no idea if it is His voice or not. I attempted earlier this week and got hit hard with a lot of guilt from the evil one when I failed. I just want to serve Him in obedience. I want the life He has for me.

Thanks for all your thoughts on my previous posts. I have something more I need and want to share with you but that will have to come at a later date.

Much love and prayers to you all!

My little sister is leaving the nest....

PS...my goal and my hearts prayer if God wills it to be so is to leave the nest in July...please pray that my parents will be able to transition with all their children out from under the roof.

I "Heart" Nashville.
I "Heart" Memphis.
I "Heart" Winston-Salem.


Dawn said…
Will be keeping you and your sisters in my prayers.

Let us know how your singing goes. I'm sure it will be beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
I have some reading to catch up on in your blog, but I wanted to pop in and say hi. :)
~Kat said…
Kissyfaces, Melissa! :)
Bar L. said…
Will be praying! I hope your parents look at it as a second honeymoon phase when all the kids are out :)
Anonymous said…
sing your heart out dear!
Pilot Mom said…
Praying for you and your sis!

I love your heart, Melissa! And, your desire to be centered in Christ!

Go, SING! I wish I could hear you! :) (I only make a joyful noise!)

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