Miss You...

I miss you guys and there is a lot to tell. I'm coming up on vacation so hopefully I'll be able to write a little more and be able to share what's going on. Anything really awesome going on in your world? I hope to drop by your blogs as well. Hugs and much love...

I wish all of us could sit out on the front porch w/ sweet tea and sweet memories looking over rolling hills just spending time together.

Life is going...it's crazy...told my parents Sunday...

I'm feeling sort of lost in it all. Just pray God will take me through the right steps!



Hey there girl...I've missed you! I sent you an email letting you know I moved.....long story, maybe one day we can have that tea and I'll tell you all about it.

Hope you are doing great, can't wait until you can write some more and let us know what's going on. Until then we'll be here!

Becca said…
I miss you too!

Tea sounds delectable. Love ya!
Barry S. said…
Hi Melissa,

You have a very nice, joyous site on here! I have enjoyed reading some of your posts.

Thanks again for all your help. Talk to you soon.

Gigi said…
WE will and He will.......
Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, I've missed your blogging but I keep checking in to see if you've updated. Don't stress over not being able to post. Just do it whenever you can and enjoy the moment. Blogging is great, but it does have it's drawbacks. Don't sweat it.

I'm praying for you! So do post every so often or email me so I can adjust my prayers accordingly! You go, Girl!!! :)
fofinha said…
Hey Honey bunny, baby girl.

I am praying for you and I miss you too. I want you to know I want to take that time on the porch. Is there any other kind of tea besides sweet? Oh my goodness.

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