And Later That Day

I thought I would give you more than one entry to enjoy when reading this. I am just having fun playing. I have two poems I wrote while in college posted on the Writer's Corner so feel free to check that out.

Being back at work this week from Christmas vacation has been somewhat tedious, but nice to have plenty of things to occupy my day. There are many things that we are planning to make my job easier and get more employees involved. I have created a newsletter called the Weekly Times to let the staff know in detail what events are going to be coming up that week, and we have just formed a 2005 Community Relations Panel to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas and events for the store. I have been working on these many aspects while at work and it has kept me very busy.

Today, however, I was asked to pick up a book from a former pastor at Southland Christian Church. I had heard things about the magnitude of this church, but I had never actually seen it with my own eyes. I was dumbfounded. I mean this place it like its own ecosystem. It is awesome. I felt the urge and need to go exploring, but I refrained. I just can't express to you the lushness and magnitude of this building. I picked up the books in building F (they have numbered buildings) and Will assisted me. He was a doll baby, a very married doll baby, but hey. You are probably wondering if I have a point to my banter. Partly I'm bantering because I want to, but my point is what I realized as I was taking in all of this is that in the end this is just a building. The building is not the heart of the people, the building is not the hands or the feet, arms or legs, mind or soul. It is merely a building which will be consumed by moth and rust in the end.

We were just talking about the church building last night in church. The sum of the discussion was that the more modern conveniences and comforts that we put in a church it seems easier for a body either not to show up or complain. I go to a relatively small church, and many individuals are older, they were reminiscing about not having air conditioning back in the old days, windows open and fans, hand fans that is, a wavin'.

How easily I can get captivated by man's handiwork. I come to expect even the great modern conveniences in life. No wonder we are so easily distracted from the heart and mind of God. I am working on single-mindedness, that means quieting the raging wave of noises in my head to hear that still small voice. It is one of the hardest things for me to do.

The Church is the body and God is our foundation. Trust, another thing God has taught me in a somewhat forceful way, it is something I had to learn one way or the other. Trust the foundation. What I mean by that is be willing to go without modern conveniences. Attempt to cut out the noise and the busyness and find Him.

I am done with this rant. I didn't expect to rant. God is truly doing a good work in me, and I look forward to sharing that with all of you. He is marvelously wonderful and I love Him so. I promise that the next entry won't be such a rampage. Actually, I'm not sure I can promise that. This kind of a flow of consciousness...So forgive my brain poots! HEE! HEE!


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