A Quick Note

Hello Everyone! I am sitting in my office not feeling like doing much work so I thought I would blog a little entry. I hope all of you are doing well this New Year's Eve. As I was having my quiet time this morning at work (yes I have quiet times at work because I cannot manage to get up early enough to do them at home) I was sitting over in the cafe and looking out at the dark sky. I was journaling praising God for this new day and here is what I wrote..."I praise you for this marvelous day. While it is the beginning of a day full of promise and opportunity it is also the ending of a year. The closing of the past and the promise and hope for what lies ahead for the future. I want it to be special, maybe I am trying to make it more special than it should be. I don't know. I just want it to be what You would have it to be. I pray that your hand will be on this day, and at the small of my back. I know that I promise every year this and that will be different. I resolve this year that with your help it will be different. Time flies by far to fast as it is. I am going to try to take each day each moment one step at a time. Please help me to be single-minded and quiet the noise in my head. Let me hope with anticipation the things to come, not plan them all out in my head. LORD HELP ME!...

Tonight I am going to bring in the New Year with my church family. I am very excited about this opportunity because I love them so very much, and I just feel that this is such an awesome way to ring the New Year in, behind church walls. I will tell you how it went tomorrow. I am anticipating it, but trying not to create it.

There is a new entry on the Writer's Corner as well. From now on I will have a link to the Writer's Corner on every blog I do on this site simply to make it easier for you to access. Will write more soon.


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