An 100,000 Dollar Miracle!

I am not sure how many people I have actually shared this with, I'm not sure that I have shared it with anyone that I haven't got to speak with face to face, but my aunt and uncle Selena and James Hamm submitted a letter about their life to their local ABC News Affiliate to win a $100,000 dollar home makeover...and they won!

Selena has Multiple Schlerosis and is unable to do much for herself, James has stayed right by her side for over 10 years and they are an amazing success story. They simply shared their hearts, and it touched a cord with the people at the news station. They got to stay a week in one of the best hotels in Charleston. James, a gourmet cook, got to prepare a meal with a well known chef in Charleston, Selena got complete pampering for a day, a complete makeover of her own. They just moved back into their new home yesterday...some of the things include a whole new wardrobe for both of them, a 42 inch plasma TV over the fireplace, hardwood floors throughout the house, a new screened in porch, and landscaped back yard, a brand new front load washer and dryer, Selena got a new outdoor wheelchair that will hopefully help her get around better. People came together to contribute to the home and it was a true blessing to see that other people saw the unique special qualities we already knew they had. I can't think of any people who deserve it more.

To see more information on this exciting event please check out the ABC affiliate news website in Charleston for the Extreme Makeover of their HOME! The clips usually get changed daily! Enjoy!


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