Christmas in the Heart!

Hey, I'm the first to admit that I love Christmas, the magic, the wonder, still captivates the child in me. But, like possibly many of you, I felt like it was an only once a year thing, a little gift to be unwrapped at a certain time, and reverantly packed away when the magic began to fade. In all the hustle and bustle and the search for that miracle spark of that lies at the center of Christmas I lost something. I lost the truth that layed under the tinsle and lights, the parties, the presants, and the 24 hour showing of "A Christmas Story", and that was that Christmas was something that can be carried with you all year long. It is not more or less meaningful than Easter, but resonates just as strong a purpose as the Death and Resurection of our Lord and Savior. Just as we carry the powerful meaning of Easter in our hearts, and the true impact of what He did for us resonates to our very being, so should the representation of Christmas. Just as Jesus came as a baby that fateful Christmas Eve, born to be the Savior of the world, so He is reborn each time one accepts Him into their hearts. Each time a young woman or man is born again, so the truth of the story of Christmas whispers in every believers ear. It is truth, it is profound, and should not be looked over. It goes beyond that warm feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, or that rush of excitement you feel when hearing "O Holy Night" or look at a house beautifully decorated. This brilliant and powerful truth was revealed to me by Christ through my wonderful and faithful Pastor. It is also important to realize that the manger was not special or carried meaning until Christ was laid into it, otherwise it was just a feeding troph for animals. So it is with us, we are transformed because Christ lives within us.

On the Writer's Corner I have a short little Christmas will probably have plenty of more of those to experience because I have plenty written. I hope you enjoy.


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