I just want to clarify that these entries are my thoughts and feelings of things I'm either struggling with or that God has graciously given me provision with, or things I'm excited about. I do not apologize for anything that I have written in these blogs, in fact I stand by them. They teach me, remind me how rich my life is, and full the capacity is for growth. I say this because of a response I got from one of my blogs that was both disturbing and saddening. Please be cautious when you read my blogs and read them carefully, and please be cautious not to judge. I appreciate you honesty, it is food for my soul, and I need honesty and truth in my life, it truly is refiner's fire. I know that the people that truly know the inner working of who I am know that I love life to the fullest, that I try daily to humble myself before the Lord, and that I'm merely human like anyone else. Please remember to be respectful when you read and comment on my blog. I also apologize for any passionate zealous things I might have said on others blogs. I will try to be more respectful as well. Thank you for your time.


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