Wonderfully Brilliant Day!

I had a wonderful day today. I have been working hard since I got back from moving Meredith, and this was my first real day off, that I didn't have to do one thing. I got up around 8am, went to deposit money in the bank and then went to Hardee's for breakfast. I sat and ate my buttered biscuits and hasbrowns, and then sat awhile and read my wonderful book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. There was a wonderfully respectful young man who was working there. He was courtious and gracious to everyone who walked in, and went around making sure that everyone was alright, and made genuine small talk. He truly had a servant heart and touched me very deeply. In general I always appreciate the warm service that I receive at Hardee's, it was a great day. I dropped off for gas and traveled the rest of the way home. Then, I spent some time with the Lord, praising Him for this beautiful day...I've opened up the curtains and let the beautiful sunshine flood in, and I've been watching movies that I rented the previous day. I got a wonderful call from the travel agent I've been working with to book the rooms for our Women of Faith trip. It has just been one of those ordinary extrodinary days, and I've really had the opportunity to relax. Now, I have to go in tomorrow evening for an event at work, but I'm hoping that I can keep a positive silver lining over this due to this much needed relaxing day. Thank you Lord for your bounty and grace. You are my miracle, continue orchestrating a masterpiece in me. I am Your humble servant. I pray that you all take a moment for yourself, no matter what that is. My nature is one of solitude, and when I get far to consumed with the business of my day, I have to take a moment and retreat into that quite place which I call me. Done on a regular basis, as with anything, this could be potentially damaging, but in those moments when you need to escape, but have NO money...it is a wonderful retreat. I am gracious for the ability to be content in solitude, and content in business, and the ache for both.


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