Yellow Roses

A Miracle Bloomed...

Today in general has been a really unexpected miracle in my life. Valentine's Day is such a blah day for me, but today little acts of love were blooming everywhere I looked. First, I got a beautiful card from my friend Jamie on Sunday, which I proceeded to put in my office. Then, my sister Michelle left me to Valentine's with my morning stuff that I was to take to work, and I opened them while eating my Chik-Fil-A breakfast at work. It was wonderful. Then I got hugs from both Michael and Kevin from work wishing me a wonderfully Happy Valentine's Day. Now, Michael is gay and Kevin has a girlfriend, but the act of friendship from them both meant so much. They are such infinite blessings. Then, we are planning a birthday party for a girl, Heathre, at work who has never experienced a real birthday. So, a true giving day.

Then, the absolute icing on the cake. Do you have those people in your life that you feel so honored that they choose you as a friend? That you somehow can't imagine what you did to deserve such a wonderful miracle and blessing in your life? That you are humbled for the mere moments you get to share with them, well so it is with my dear and blessed friend Krystal! I am so humbled by our friendship, and I admire her for her servants heart, and the way she shows Christ through every pore of her being. There are not words to describe who she is and what she means to me. When I got home today I found the most beautiful arrangement of yellow roses, white daisies, and beautiful greenery. The card read...

Dear One,

To cheer your spirit. May you bask in the "Redeemer's Love" this Valentine's

Your flower friend in Cherokee, Iowa

I brought them up to my room so that I can enjoy them completely. I just want to take the flowers all in. The only other flowers that I've ever received are from my family and my church family. So, this is a rare and beautiful gesture. I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I am at a loss for words in this case. My cup overflows! I am so grateful to be loved, and I do not take it lightly.

Thank you Krystal for loving me for who I am. I love you dearly and I'm blessed because of our friendship.

May all your days be blessed with love and may you always have a friend who is a Sheltering Tree in your life. Love you all!


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