I'm Back!!!

I'm officially back on line. I tell you the first week was a piece of cake, but by the second week I was craving to get on line and see what was going on. Guys, I have to be honest I'm struggling. I'm frustrated that once again I'm struggling with some of the same old junk that floats back in my life, and yesterday I even had a defeated day. But, God's GRACE wins out in the end...He is faithful, He is the Rock, and my ultimate REFUGE! Praise be to Him! How I've hurt Him so! (Does He still feel the nails?-I wince at the answer to that question) Anyway! I will not be all depressing and dark days, sometimes the moon days just happen. However, before I would not only create them, but wallow in them until moonbeams were illuminating me instead of the Son's rays. Now, I have a new almost out of body perspective. It is almost as if I'm looking in on my dirty cobweb filled life and realize this is not me, this is not what I was created for. My wonderful Pastor touched on us living by our power...How many times have I prayed Lord please help me, I promise I will do better. I have to remember that I can do nothing in my own power, that I don't need a clean sweep, I need to be made new. Afterall God isn't in to fixing things, which sometimes I wish He would just fix my life, all the little thorns in my side to be taken away without any pain, but He is a God that makes all things NEW! I love you all dearly, and thank you to those who have been praying for me, loving me, and supporting me, if it weren't for you I might have sunk back into the blackness. I promise to bring you more of the story in the coming days. However, I have to work the fog out of my head first. God bless you until your cup is to overflowing. I am thankful for you all.


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