A Little Bit About Little Ole' Me!


Accent: I would go with Southern Bell, but my sisters and I do have a unique talk all our own which I cannot describe!
Bra size: HA! HA! Like I would tell you...I will go with AVERAGE! Is that a good answer?
Chore I hate: I am with Kat, cleaning my room, and doing clothes!
Dad’s name: Charles
Essential make-up: Give me some Lip Gloss, Please!
Favorite perfume: Very Sexy and Pink from Victoria's Secret
Gold or Silver: I'm a silver girl!
Hometown: Rome, Georgia
Interesting fact: I got to meet my hero Melissa Gilbert, like most of you don't know that already, but hey I had to go with it!
Job title: Community Relations Manager at Barnes and Noble
Kids: One day
Living arrangements: Living with Mom and Pop, hopefully will be changing in the coming months, we'll see where God leads!
Mom’s Birthplace: Georgia
Number of apples eaten in last week: None, but if it I did it would be green apples with salt.
Overnight hospital stays: never admitted, but did spend the night at the emergency room with an acid reflux attack.
Phobia: don't think so!
Question you ask yourself a lot: What are you doing?
Religious affiliation: raised baptist
Siblings: two amazing younger sisters.
Time I wake up: I'm always running late, on good days 7am
Unnatural hair color: I've been a red head
Natural hair color is: brown
Vegetable I refuse to eat: beats, blah!
Worst habit: rubbing my feet together, drives my sister crazy
X-rays: cool
Yummy food I make: S'more Brownies, or Sidewalk Candy, or Homeade Strawberry Cake
Zodiac sign: Virgo


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