THURSDAY, What's Going on With You!

Frankly, I wanted a title that allowed me to encompase everything I wanted to say under one umbrella. I feel like I have so much to say and absolutely nothing at all. I'm feeling better, but still trying to get back into the groove in things. Today was the first day that I spent a full day at work. I had a long weekend Friday-Sunday, and then I was emotionally and physically drained and so I did not go into work on Monday. I went in Tuesday to do storytime and was sweating off a fever, so I went home, and then Wednesday I didn't have to go to work. It was realy hard for me to be motivated to do anything important today. I just kind of bummed around.

What to talk about, what to talk about? Oh Yes! I was watching television a few nights ago, and I was flipping between Storm Stories about tornadoes and Nightline. And do you know the story topic Nightline had on, none other than a Blogging Story. I didn't catch much of it, but basically a blog reported on a certain bill in Virginia and it got blown out of preportion. It basically discussed why people blog and the like? Take a look at some info online if you get a chance.

I also got the chance to finally visit my churches website today, and I plan to place it permenately on my blog. Please feel free to visit the Northide Baptist Church Website yourself.

Well, we have been confirmed for the CRM(Community Relations Manager) position at work. I have two big interviews next week. Please keep me in prayer over this, and for those who are praying faithfully for my future, please know this does not change my plans to be out of KY by 2007. I have not worried about this job placement. If it happened I knew it would be from God, and if it didn't I equally new it would be from Him. There is work for me to do here right now, and I need to learn to anticpate, prepare, and hope for the future, but understand that I can't create it or make it myself. Anyway, this is very good news.

From the "Journey of Desire" by John Eldridge:

There are three things that we must come to terms with in our deep heart. First, we must have life. Second, we cannot arrange for it. Third, it is coming.

Life Questions to this statement, curious to hear your answers...

How clear are you on each core truth? Are you more deeply aware now how you were made for life, and nothing less will do? Are you also aware that despite your best efforts, you cannot arrange for the life you need? And finally, is there a real and growing conviction in your heart that it is coming, life is coming to you?

My Answer:

I think I am just coming into each core truth. I know that I was made for life, for the ache of existing is ever prevelant in my life. Nothing less will do. How well aware am I of the truth that despite my best efforts I cannot arrange for life that I need. Everytime I've tried it has resulted in disasterous effects!

Amen, Hallelujah! Life is coming to me! What a wellspring of joy that brings!

Life is still farely boring to me. My Mom, Sister(Michelle), My Grandmother, and Great Aunt, headed back to Georgia today. My Grandmother and Great Aunt came for a visit for a few weeks to KY. It was really great, and now they are heading home so it is just me and Dad. Dad and I are planning to go to lunch Saturday and then to a RV Expo, so good times to be spent with Pa!

Tomorrow night we are throwing a birthday party for a friend at work who has never had a birthday. We want her to feel like a princess, and she will. We are going to eat and go bowling. Fun, fun, fun. I'll give details on how it went. Miss Murphy has come for her monthly visit so I hope I feel good while out on the town.

Oh Yeah! There is a new Melissa Gilbert movie coming on Saturday night at 9pm on the Hallmark Channel. Oh Yeah! It's my birthday...Woo Hoo! I'm so excited because here lately she has been putting out less than stellar productions and this proves to be excellent, I hope I'm not disappointed.

Meredith, my sis in Nashville, is doing well. She is working on getting a tooth implant, and just last week she went through her first operation, she is healing really well. Living on her own proves to be great, and she will soon have a new piece of furniture, a coach, which she will be so grateful for, so she can get out of her bedroom. I talked to her today and it was such a delight. I also received a wonderful response on my blog from what seems a really great woman of God, Kat. Her blog is incredible, and I can't wait to explore. Thanks Kat!

Well MK, my desire for writing in my blog is back, and I'm actually aching to do some more creative writing in my journal so I can get it up on the Writer's Corner.

I'm always changing, and my life is truly like shifting sands, but God is good, God is Faithful, and His Grace Prevails. I love you all and may His mercies be upon you.


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