What Do You Want?

I was doing my Journey of Desire Quiet Time this morning and was posed these questions...
...Let's come back to the simple question Jesus asks of us all: What do you want? Don't minimize it; don't try to make sure it sounds spiritual; don't worry about whether or not you can obtain it. Just stay with the question until you begin to get an answer. This is the way we keep current with our hearts. (p.168, Journey of Desire)

From Journey of Desire Journal...

What do you want...
In your relationships?
A profound intimacy that I have yet to find. A deep knowing and understanding of each other that goes beyond words or actions. A respect and deep love for each facit of the other both good and bad. A prayer partner, a soul companion, a place for refuge and understanding.
In your work?
I want both satisfaction and exhileration. I want to be challenged and at peace knowing that this is the God given destiny set before me. I want to work to live, not live to work. I want others to appreciate my work and see a talent there. I want to be happy!
In your play?
I want adventure that you can taste. I want to step out into the great big world, take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride the adventure. I want to breathe taste feel know experience every second of life. I want to laugh until I cry, and cry until I laugh. I want to be in awe free and most of all restlessly content.
With God?
My heart aches for an intimate and personal relationship I have only imagined. I want to take long walks with God. Sit by the riverside with Him and talk until we run out of words. I want to know Him deeply truly as I am fully known. I want to be as close to Him as possible. Feeling His breath on the back of my neck and His hand on the small of my back.

So, I ask you what do you want in relationships, work, play, and with God?


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