30 Ramdon Facts About Me!

This is going to be FUN...

1. I love the meaning of my name: Melissa means "honey bee" and I think that suits me to a "T"!
2. I want two tatoos one day...1. on the small of my back of a Shuginyte(totally mispelled) cross, if anyone knows how to spell that it would be great because I need to have a picture of it before I can get a tatoo of it, and 2. one over my left shoulder blade of three tear drops, to remember those I've lost.
3. I LOVE scary movies, I have been watching them since I was around 5, I'm not kidding, I scared my little sister Michelle to death having her watch Poltergeist when she was around 3 or 4...I'm sorry Michelle.
4. My senior year in highschool I was in highschool drama and was featured in two plays...I LOVE TO ACT! It is one of the most freeing things for me, I can become anything I want...I miss it...I ache for it actually...haven't acted in almost six years...want it to be part of my ministry.
5. My favorite show of all time is Little House on the Prairie...it actually inspired me to my career goal...2nd and 3rd favorite oddly enough are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel...my sister Michelle thinks I'm crazy with such a drastic contrast, but hey...I'm complex.
6. I ran into the back of someone when I was 27 and they sued me for $250,000 dollars...Unbelievable and stressful...in the end it was settled out of court.
7. On my wonderful, I'm using sarcasm, visit to Liberty University, where I had wanted to attend all my life, I fell out of a bunkbed and fractured my hip...NOT A JOKE!
8. I like to eat popcorn with Ketchup...thanks Mary K for that...I cannot eat it any other way now...that doen't mean I take packets of Ketchup to the movie theatres...what kind of person do you think I am...
9. Native American culture and history is so dear to my heart. I hope I can create a ministry for it one day.
10. On the surface I am not a daredevil...but secretly inside my heart screams for it.
11. When I was, oh I guess around 7, I got my sister Meredith to flush two half eaten red apples down the toilet with me...yeah, my father was digging up the sewer pump that afternoon...my poor family.
12. I consider NERD, GOOBER, GEAK...etc...all terms of endearement!
13. My baby sister and I are 4 years and one day apart...I was born August 27, 1980 and she was born August 28,1984...we look alike and I often reference us to being twins.
14. Me and my sister Meredith have our own way of talking...while my sister Michelle sits and rolls her eyes at us.
15. I took ballet when I was little, and secretly wish I would have kept it up.
16. For years I wanted to be a doctor, but I did not have the drive or sterdy hands for it...I LOVE TRAUMA IN THE ER!- the show that is!
17. I love horses but know very little about taking care of one.
18. Most people loved college, while there were really amazing parts, all in all I hated it...a big struggle in my life...and now I'm thinking film school...am I looney!
19. Most people when describing me say the word "nice" about a hundred million times...while I feel I'm far more complex...I wish for once someone would call me a rebel.
20. I am terrified of people not liking me.
21. I love to sing, and am just learning that I can.
22. My heart is for young girls, I want to help them with their self-esteem, and feed their souls, something I didn't have...I've thought about creating a camp called "From Paper Cups to Fine China" - because I really love that analogy.
23. I LOVE pet names...darlin', precious, sweetie-pie, dumplin, dear one, angel...and I love sayings like "Love it!", "Bless their heart"...etc...I think its a southern thing...when I have effection for someone I give them a pet name...my sister is "Pooks" and my dear friend Mary K is effectionally called "darlin precious"
24. I always tell people that I want a production company that directs quality family television, and while that is true, I also want to act...which I don't tell many people.
25. Being dark does not scare me...I find comfort in pushing the limit of that side of truth...(hard to explain)
26. I wish people would be honest, that way I wouldn't have to worry about what they think, I would know.
27. I tend to have a bad mouth when I'm driving in my car...minor road rage.
28. My favorite desserts are ice-cream or doughnuts or both!
29. I have minor OCD...I'm very neat...and my brain works so much better in a neat environment...its my ADD...I accept it!
30. I love nature...nothing better to display God's glory!



Anonymous said…
how can you have hit someone "back when you wer 27" if you were born in 1980, and thus only 25?

were you driving a delorean?

was doc brown there with you?

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