Gayla's Questions...

1.If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
That would be so much fun, to be invisible, what would I do...selfishly I think I would visit all my friends and see what they really said about me, I would sneak in behind the closed door of the office to see what secret stuff goes on in there, I would laugh really loud in church, I would hit Kevin, because he is always abusing me...there is a lot of trouble I could get into with this the end I guess I really wouldn't know what I would do unless I was would be cool to be invisible for a while, sometimes I feel invisible anyway, it would also be cool to hear peoples real thoughts...I am getting carried away...great question.

2. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
Just one, well, hum I think it would have to be my spine, I would like to have one, I would love the ability to stand firm and be articulate in a battle...of course Godly and respectful, but I wish I had more guts basically to say, you know, I don't agree...I'm getting better, but it is a struggle...this goes with worrying about what people think of me. (I have to add my weight, something I'm struggling with right now) Okay I'm done...I'll have to post the 25 weaknesses I feel that are ultimate crutches in my life and see which one I can get rid of...but I think I would stick with a sprititual backbone...Yep!

3.Have you ever helped a total stranger? If so, how?
I have a little bit of a problem talking about helping others, weird I know, but since your asking let me share. There is a homeless man that always walks up to the McDonald's in the Pavilion where I work and gets a black coffee, I gave him my food one day, and I honestly think I embarressed him, didn't mean to, but I think I wasn't like I announced it over the PA system or anything, but...I also help strangers everyday in my line of work...especially when working at Family Christian Store, it is a lot more than just putting a book or CD in someones hand.

4.For what holidays do you decorate your house?
Oh I love decorating for the Holiday's, I do a fall scene for both Halloween and Thanksgiving and all in my family are really big on Christmas, so big on decorating there. I would decorate more for
Easter and Spring, but I just don't seem to get around to it, that reminds me that my Grandmother gave me a really nice Spring sign that I need to use...

5.What is one thing you no longer believe about God that you believed when you were younger? What changed your mind?
That he was a former Sunday School teacher of mine (which by the way was a woman), weird I know, but true...Really, I'm very glad that you asked me this question...for many years, not even realizing it I boxed God up in a neat little package, set Him on the mantle for everyone to look at, and said isn't God grand...people would drop by and ooooh and aaaah over god on the mantle, and thank me for my faithfulness to doing good, I feel like church taught me how to both fear God (not in a healthy way) and confine Him. I no longer believe in the God of Sunday School. I see God as a wild, unfettered, jealous, passionate, ever seeking, marvelous, powerful, majestic God...and His heart is for me...He wooes me into communine with Him, He desires my all, it goes far beyond good works, it goes to the very soul of my being...God revealed this to me in my journey through the "Sacred Romance" by John Eldridge. Please don't get me wrong I think that the church is a wonderful institution and these people were well meaning, but it left a lot of confusion and doubt in my life...thank the Lord for revealing Himself to me...I pray He has and will continue to do so for you.


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