Oh how I wanted to share this with you guys yesterday, but blogger was down in my area, but it still did not put a damper on the day. I truly had one of the best days I've had in a long long long time! This being the first week of my fulltime job and having a 14 hour work day Monday, still feeling sick Tuesday, and worn out on Wednesday, Thursday was such an unexpected blessing. I mean I wasn't even asking for it...I wasn't defeated or depressed or anything, but Christ saw fit in His infinite wisdom to share His love for me more completely and fully. This is like a miracle, and I don't feel that I deserve it or His love. God you are so GOOD! I love you.

Anyway, so let me share with you what happened...Woo! Hoo! So, we are having a big fundraiser next week with and organization, Central Kentucky Radio Eye, they read to the seeing impared...we have a fundraiser for non-profit organizations that deal with arts, education, literacy, literature where we set certain days that people who support them can shop and part of the proceeds go to the organization by presenting a voucher...we had had a very successful bookfair with them last year, and so we knew that this was going to be a very good thing...they have a wonderful contact at the William T Youn Library on the University of Kentucky campus. Needless to say that this person is so impressed with us that she is spending what I thought we would make in the bookfair for the week, A LOT OF MONEY, basically she is spending enough for us to make plan for a whole day, plus she is in talks with the Library to make us the sole distributor for their purchasing needs...this would not only help me to make my CRM Budget goal, but double it!!! Guys I have no idea why God has given this to me...as I said I don't feel like I deserve it, but He did!

Oh and the day just got better. I got home and my Mother had this amazing meal for me, baked corn, roast, butter beans, YUM! YUM! I brought some for lunch today...then I went and checked my email, and KANE had won the opportunity to open for Big and Rich and Brooks and Dunn, and so I submitted my name in the contest to go see them play, they are truly my favorite backwoods country band, don't get me wrong I like a blanket of music, but these guys are really great. Then, I got an email from a friend I haven't heard from in awhile and she was cracking me up and it was totally a blessing and then I got an email from a dear sister in Christ and she said that God had delivered her her helpmate...and I was like PRAISE YOUR NAME JESUS! Then reading all of your blogs and your comments to my blog "24 and Single" just lifted my soul on wings as eagles....

The most amazing day, and then I got to watch a new episode of Project Greenlight that night, and I didn't even realize they had changed the time for it airing...

My cup is overflowing...thanks guys for reading my rants. I'm feeling so blessed beyond measure. Will try to write a little more this weekend, but the focus will be spending time with family!

LOVE YOU ALL OOOODLES! MAY GOD BLESS YOUABUNDANTLY! The biggest thing I've learned is to wait and be patient and you never know what wonderous treasures will unfold!


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