My Interview with Becca!

You guys are going to learn a lot about me, probably more than you want to...anyway, here are the questions Becca asked me, if you are the third person to respond to this post, I get to ask you enjoy these and the 30 random facts about me below...I love being asked questions so this is going to be fun...

1. Have you any garlic flavored ritz crackers in your kitchen? No I do not, but garlic is one of my favorite if I did, I probably wouldn't have them for long, because I would eat them all...HEE! HEE!

2. Where would you like to go the very most? This is a very good question, UMMM! I think in my heart of hearts I would like to go to Jerusalem, followed by Australia, and Germany...(I would say the Midwest, but I want to live there)

3. Ever consider going to Michigan to hang out with me?? ABSOLUTELY! That would be awesome...I'll pack my bags and hit the road now, expect me around Tuesday(just kidding), Michigan sounds awesome though, for real...VERY NEAT!

4. What do you usually do in summer, or do you do different things every year?
Well, my family and I try to take a vacation together every summer...This year we are going to have a big family trip, not only me, Mom, Dad, and sisters, but my Grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousin...we are all headin' down to Florida the first week in June...I can't wait...lots of fun. Most times though I will swim, hike-if I can, rarely get to, take long walks, drink up some of that sweet sunshine...oh yeah!...with 45SPF...I'm very fair skinned.

5. What's your middle name? ANN and I secretly always wished that someone would use it as a pet name for me.

6.Do you wish it were something different? To be honest I used too...I thought anything but me please...but I'm coming into my own...I still wish I was more confident, stand up for myself more, feel pretty more, be more outgoing...those sorts of things...but ya know God's cool with me so, in the end I'm cool with me. (Now see this is what happens when you read the question wrong...I thought you asked Do you wish you were something different?, don't ask how I got that...but about Ann, no I always loved it!...Oh where oh where is my brain!)

Thanks Becca for the great questions...that was sooo much really made my day...


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