Praise God for Every Single One of YOU!

God has kept me from blogging for a few days. I told Him that I needed to create a balance between human contact and blogging. I can get to wrapped up in anything! Any-hoo! He literally kept me from looking at my blog for the last few days by making my Internet connection be down at work. I have tried several times to access it, and He was like NOPE! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I just laugh at the thought of that...He knows what we need, and He knows us so well. Oh He is so good. Thanks to everyone who commented on my pervious post...I commented to EACH OF YOU PERSONALLY! You fill my cup to overflowing! Thank you so much...

PS...Kat, you've got mail...I sent an email to know what its about!

Love you all...God go with each of you and fill your cups to overflowing...we so need that replinishing each and everyday!


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