Smart Funny Pretty and Nice!

This is something that a co-worker of mine and myself say all of the time, in refrence to ourselves or pretty much anyone we like...if we are using it in context with ourselves we usually tag it with a "na na!" at the end. It is just an enjoyable saying. For her birthday I'm planning to get us both shirts that say "I'm Smart, Funny, Pretty, and Nice" on the front and on the back says "Na!Na!" Just thought some of you might like to know that bit of info...have no idea why...


So, let me tell you how I have been all of these things this week:

Smart: I did the 2005 Community Relations Blueprint for work all by myself and that makes me feel very smart! GO ME!

Funny: I crack myself up, far more than I do anyone else probably! I think I'm funny, and therefore I like to hang out with people who think I'm funny...for example the new Paremsan Chicken Sandwich commercial for Wendy's, where the guy is trying to get his friend to share a sandwich with him, and he says...I found you in the woods when I was 4 years old and convinced my parents to raise you, and then his friend says we're even...hilarious!...out of context though it isn't that funny! Hmmm! Oh and there is always an episode of Little House on the Prairie where Laura and Andrew are trying to catch a Creeper who is stealing chickens, and they set up colored green paint in the barn, and Charles gets it dumped all over his head and turns his head green...the catch is when Reverand Oldan gives his sermon his scripture verse is..."When you make me lay down in green pastures..."...hilarious, alright, I'm on crack or something, moving on...

Pretty: I don't know how I've been pretty this week, but I'm learning to put on my swan feathers and be proud of them...I love my freckles, pale skin, hazel - green eyes, and lips...those are the physical things that I think are attractive one me!

Nice: I try to be that way everyday...I love giving to people!

Alright! I'm ya guys!


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