Don't Mess With My Happy Room!

Oh My Dear Sweet Friend Teresa Is SOOOOOO SMART! I derive so much wisdom from her. She is also so very funny...

She and her family have just recently moved from an apartment to a beautiful new home. She has set aside this elegant, soft, beautiful room for herself...which is effectionatly called her Happy Room. They had movers move them in, and because this space was not really going to be used for anything in particular it had no furniture so all the movers put the boxes in this room.

We were talking the other night and she was saying how she is itching to clean out this room so she can be "happy in her happy room"...I said, "You know this could be a great metaphor for life!" She said, "I know Melissa, God's telling me don't trust anyone else with your stuff because they'll just junk up your Happy Room!" I was laughing so hard, but I thought how true. How often do I allow others to determine my happiness, handle my junk, and then they just clutter up my happiness with a big old mess that I have to rifle through and clean out...

So, no one mess with my happy room! HA! HA! Oh that makes my heart happy :)

More wisdom from Teresa coming soon on Jacob!!! (See you tonight sweet lady!)


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