I Don't Want to Be Bland!

Well, I'm reading through my Bible, and I'm currently in Leviticus, not one of the most exciting books in the Bible, but very interesting nonetheless. I did not expect to really find anything that revelutionary per say, but low and behold something leaped out at me during one of my late night readings, this little jewel...

"Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings."

- Leviticus 2:13

This really struck heavy with me. I have not been living "Christ" everyday, especially here lately. With the new job, and everything that is going on, I've gotten kind of bitter and bland. I have not seasoned every word that comes out of my mouth or every action that I perform with salt. We are salt and light to the world. God is teaching me so much this week through my mistakes and attitude, and I've been full of both this week. Contiously I need to think on this verse...that every action, every offering of myself during the day should be full of salt. I cannot be effective if I am bland. In the end the chords that I play that reveberate throughout the hills and gales of Heaven and throughout the caverns and pits of hell will influence my stance for one side or the other. How many times, in my blandness, I have stood for the Evil One's plight. I have stood up for him by succumbing to my own selfishness. Thank the good Lord that I am bland, and that He is the salt that makes me flavorful.

"Season all your grain offerings with salt"...in everything that I do, let it be a representation of my love walk with Jesus.

"Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings"...a covenant is no small matter, it is a big deal, "salt" is preservation, it preserves life, it sustains it, keeps it fresh, and seasons it....if I leave my "salt" out of the "grain offerings" how cheapened do I make my "covenant with God"...oh that is so good...God is speaking through me typing these words, so much in my soul, no way to lay it all out fully...if I do indeed, which I have, leave the salt of the covenant of MY GOD out of MY GRAIN OFFERINGS, then how am I any different from those of the world...How? Why do I take this journey, this covenant, so casually? When really it is revolutionary!

"add salt to all your offerings"...in everything that I do let it be to season somone else with the truth...quit being so selfish Melissa, ...I must be seasoned in the word and prayer, so that I can be seasoning and preserveration for others...how can I be anything of that if I lose my flavor.

If any of you have your own thoughts on this, or more insight in scripture that would be great. I am truly astounded by this little verse...

May God bless you all in abundant measure!


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