Cutest Little Fish in the Sea

You know that it's true!…Hee! Hee! Hee! Well, actually my Florida purse says…"The Cutest Fish in the Sea", so I went around to my family members tapping them on their shoulders saying…"Hey Guess What? I'm the Cutest Little Fish in the Sea!" while holding up my purse. I will admit that my sisters and I have our own way of communication, and from the outside it might look quite strange, but in the comfort of these familiar walls I find that I can be more transparent with who I am than with any others on the planet. So, needless the say this is the reason for the title of the blog, and brothers and sisters let me just say I needed this reminder all week while in Florida…"I am the cutest little fish in my sea", soon became my mantra, because in no way did I feel like that. UHHH! Yeah, enough about me feeling gross.

Let me share with you some of the wonderful things that happened in Florida…I did keep a journal…pictures will be coming very soon…

On the Road…

Well, we left at one in the morning, packed to the gills with luggage, tired bodies, excited souls. We have been in the car over 12 hours now. Two in the afternoon and my knees and legs are aching…I left so much back home…WORK RESPONSIBILITIES, BLOGGING…however; my thoughts still reside there. I'm contemplating if I even have the energy to re-write my testimony. There has been a pit in my stomach…worries from the nether regions come up to haunt me, leaving imprints…butterflies gnawing at the walls of my stomach and gooseflesh on my skin…listening to Evanescence…confusion resides in the deep recesses of my mind…oh well…hoping Amelia Island holds some soothing salve and comfort for the worries in my mind. Until then I pray God will be merciful and quiet the noise in my brain and settle the flapping wings in my stomach!

And the Spiders Came…

I don't understand why something so small can excite so much fear in me, it actually seems quite ridiculous, but nevertheless, I dislike spiders with the greatest affection imaginable or should I say loathing! My sleeping quarters were the living room downstairs. I saw a few small spiders in the corners of the ceiling and dismissed them as harmless and to high to worry over. However, the eight-legged friends wanted to come out and great they're new house guest. God bless my Mother for her willingness to be the Exterminator. A larger spider was now on the other side of the lights, we got him and his friend. We then, or rather my Mother proceeded as I couched her along extinguished the one in the corner, and then we saw her…BIG BERTHA…she was large, black, and hiding…we tried to coax her out but she was just to smart. (All of this seems very funny to me now, but at the time I had just ridden in a car for 14 hours with very little sleep and I was not in the best of spirits) Another more sickly spider came falling out behind the blinds and we thought BERTHA was down for the count. I felt relieved, thinking the nightmare was over…snuggling under covers, drowsy, BIG BERTH EMERGED…quick, fast, and HUGE! We tried to get her, but she was far to smart…she got lost in some corner waiting to attack…so my wonderful Grandmother slept downstairs with me protecting me from our furry guests. I will never understand my fear of spiders, but you know it goes to show me how little it takes for me to be afraid!

God is An Artist…

(A lot more went on this week, but I just thought I would touch on the highlights…the best highlight was what I'm about to share with you…) Our Father is truly such an amazing artist. So, at 5:30 am my baby sister and I took beach chairs out and dug them and our souls in the fertile grains of the damp sand. Clouds still lingered in great puffs outstretching the expanse of the sky from the light rain the night before. The wind send the clouds dancing and spinning in the lightly fragrant sky…the first tendrils of light bled soft pinks…hinting at the wonder that would soon unfold. Were in for a show. The waves were cresting and breaking as far back as the horizon, in humble magnificent praise of the Father's handiwork. The first rich streak of hot burning pink hit the morning sky, followed by a cacophony of rich oranges, greens, yellows, and illuminating whites. The sky was breathing life, taking in great big cups of light, allowing it to absorb into the skin. How amazing that the light illumines the darkness. The clouds while beautiful in their own right, created by the Father's hand, and became truly and completely alive when the sun's ray danced across their surface. It became less about them and m ore about how the sun was transforming them. Beautiful, Amazing, Breathtaking! Yes, I have pictures…


A Little Bit of my Day…

Today has been really good for me. I have caught up on most of the blogs, and it was my first day back at work. Everything went very well. I got to talk to my two closest friends here Mary K and Jamie; today is my best friend back in Georgia's birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER! I got a beautifully encouraging email from my friend Teresa, which I have saved and will re-read (aloud) again it was so profound…I got a telephone call from Amy…(sorry I missed your call love…I'm bad about being at home and leaving my purse with my cell in a total other region of the house…don't make much sense does it, what can I say! Something very interesting happened today and it was so good. My dear friend Jamie spoke truth over me. I mean it is great when I friend speaks truth over you and says how wonderful you are, and even instructs you about what you need to do, etc… but when someone exposes something that you do that might not be that pleasant, yet in the most gracious, giving light-hearted way imaginable, you truly get floored by this…such is what happened with Jamie. She exposed something about myself that I already know. When I'm upset I attack the first person that I'm closest too, and last night it just happened to be Jamie…I was very short and curt. See, even if I'm not mad at someone just a situation, which is the case of last night I will usually take it out on that person, and the thing is, I totally, most times realize I'm doing it. Of course I apologized to her over the phone today, and she was like, "Melissa, the first few times you did that to me it really hurt, and I felt like I was doing something wrong, now I just tell someone when you get upset, and their like oh my goodness is she mad at you, I'm like nope, that's just Melissa, you don't want to catch her when she's mad, give her 10 minutes to work it out in her own mind, and then you know what, she will be just fine, she has to let the little horns come out for a moment, vent, and then she is back to normal…" How true is that. She knows me so well. I hate that I do that with a passion. However, it is my venting mechanism. We had a good jolly laugh over it, and it really got me to thinking how blessed I am that someone knows me so well. I'm so blessed by all my beautiful friends.


Into the West

Oh guys! This makes my heart soooo happy! This epic series on TNT is what I've been waiting for my whole life, if I could have but been a fly on the wall, and extra in the mud, whatever on this project, I think I might be able to die happy, but until then I will live with being able to see the series itself. It mixes the two most favorite things in my life...the old west and Native American Culture...this is why I want to create works of art for television...this series is where my heart and vision is at. There will be plenty more on this topic, but for right now I just wanted to share a little with you guys...there is a link in the post and on my sidebar...::Claps hands with great Enthusiasm:: I mean when I saw the previews guys, even those teasers almost a year ago, I was so full of emotion I couldn't contain myself...oh this makes my soul happy...Yippee!


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