This epic show is now into it's third episode. The first two episodes have been like nothing I have ever seen on television. This series exemplifies television as art and storytelling. I am in awe as I watch the stories unfold. This is television at its best. What a wonderful way to use this medium. This is the way it was meant to be used. You forget for a moment that you are looking at a picture screen...the pixels sort of bleed away and suddenly you are on the open prairies staring down Buffalo with "Walks with the Buffalo" or trapped in a cave with Jacob Wheeler or stuck in a storm with Jethro Wheeler. Picture yourself for a moment sitting around a campfire telling stories...what stories would you here? Which stories would you tell? Feel the flames lick your face with heat, smell the coffee and ash wafting up into the air, taste the gritty saltiness of popcorn over and open fire, see the blanket of stars covering your head, and listen to the drums beating in the background as the mystical words of the old storyteller start to retrace the steps...INTO THE WEST!

Click on pictures below to read interviews and get connected to the Into the West Website where you will find episode synopsis of the two previous episodes, dates and times of shows to be aired, background, cast, videos and pictures, games, sweepstakes, and much much more...


Anonymous said…
Love your new digs, Melissa. My blog is under construction too. Crystal is designing a new template for me. :)

I did not get in on Into The West. Glad you're enjoying it!

Melissa said…
Thanks Gayla...glad you stopped by. Oh how fun, can't wait to see the new design...Into the West is why I want to do television!

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