Kat's Questions

1.Why did you name your blog what you named it? Revealing of the fabric between the cover is exactly what I'm trying to do…showing the inner parts of who I am, this is a journal of "my" inmost thoughts…so it is uniquelly me…

2.What's the point of having your blog? Vent frustration? Share your spirit? Share God? Ask questions like these to other bloggers? I love sharing in narratives…I love peeling away that service lay of the book and getting into the heart of human souls…I can do this better in the written word than any other format. I had desired a long time to have a place, a safe place, where I could do just that, so I think I have and blogging is forever in my blood, a way to analyze my life…which is for ever being worked over in my analytical mind. Absolutely, I can relate to ALL OF THE ABOVE and more…I don't want to just be putting things on my blog for the sake of blogging!

3.What is the one thing (and yes, you only get one) that keeps you at the church you're at? (if you have to pick one, what is it?) If you do not attend church, what is the one thing that would make you go back to one you attended for the first time? The people, espicially my Pastor!

4. If you could sing one song before an audience of a million (lost) people and have them understand the words just exactly like you do, what would the song be (please write out the lyrics) and why is it so special to you? "Somewhere North" by Caedmon's Call…click here to view lyrics…this song is the most amazing thing, it cuts to the very heart and essense of who I am, why I believe, and what I have to give…it still makes me cry to here Derek's beautiful voice sing…"I may never find the sleep, I've lost all feeling in my hands and feet may touch the ground but my mind's somewhere north of here…this song encapsulates the struggle we all face as Christian's, that it isn't an easy road, and sometimes we don't get, but our minds are always somewhere north of here…I could go on and on and on, but I will shut my face!

5. What is the most disrespectful thing someone's done to you lately? Ever? I will not go into great detail, but there is a co-worker that has cald me a liar and done many other things that have hurt me deeply. I'm frustrated because I can't get through that shell and we were once really close…(she was the co-worker we had the birthday party for)

6.How many hours a week do you spend with your hair? Fixing, blowdrying, washing, curling, clipping dead ends, worrying about, thinking about hairstyles all included. God has such a sense of humor giving someone like me curls…I've gotten it down to a sience though, and it doesn't take as long as some might think…however it is getting chopped off as soon as I get back from St. Louis…I'm tired of it!

7. What is the last line you read of the book you're reading right now. If you're not reading a book, what's the next book you plan to read? If you don't read, why not? "Suddenly I marveled at my sudden and new sense of freedom. Dean had been right. I had been too eager to grow up. It was great to be eighteen." - Julie by Catherine Marshall…Catherine's Christy truly floored me when I read it, and I found more great truths in reading Julie…that I just might be in love with love, and other precious jewels. I love to read…I work at Barnes and Noble for goodness sakes.

8. Do you have a mantra (something you find yourself saying over and over again, either purposely or without much thought until now)? Does it change or always stay the same? What is it right now? What's the significance? My mantras come and go like the wind, and they are usually never that serious, although some have been a little more deep than others…the two I have right now are…"I'm the Cutest Little Fishy in the Sea" and "I'm Smart, Funny, Pretty and Nice"…in fact Jill and I have gotten so many at work saying this that it has kind of become a work mantra…it just reminds me that I am these thing, and I need a sledge hammer to drive them home sometimes.

9.Is there a time on your clock that you absolutely dread seeing? What is this time and why do you dread it so much? I can't really say that there is…I don't like getting up in the mornings, but the place I'm usually going doesn't bother me, so…yeah! I can't say that there is a time that bothers me to see on my digital clock.

10.When was the last time you lost your temper? Describe it and how you felt right afterwards. I honestly don't all out lose my temper…wow be unto you if you get me to that level…I usually, for a lack of a better word, simply get pissy…it's a bad habit to accumulate, because often that pent up anger seeps out to unsuspecting people…Oh Well! I'm sorry to all of those who I've done that too…it makes me feel really guilty.


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