Writing is Re-Writing, Right?

Life is so funny sometimes. I had written my testimony...a whole 8 pages in word, and I was going to post it while I was on vacation these coming weeks, well it was saved on a falty disk and I did not save a copy to my hard drive due to being at work...stupid, yes, I know. So, needless to say my testimony, about three pages of a Christmas story I was working on, and many other things are GONE! I had just re-read my testimony the other day making grammatical corrections and the like, and I was inspired by what I wrote. I was excited about sharing this information with you. However, it just was not meant to be. In the end God has really taught me a lot through this. In the past I would have really gotten upset, cried, and gotten angry, but I gave it over to God this morning, and He is teaching me through this. Does is suck that I can't share a piece of me that is really important with all of you guys, that it was at my fingertips and slipped away, Yes! But in the end it shows me how quickly things can be taken away. Another great truth is that my narrative doesn't die due to a defective disk, I'm still breathing life into it everyday. I'm a living testimony, as my pastor says...I'm writing my Memoriam every day of my life. So, needless to say my plans were once again slighted, and I don't get to share with you what I really wanted to. I might try to re-write it on vacation...after all writing is re-writing, right? But, you know I got a bigger blessing out of this, and so I know God is teaching me something.

We leave for Florida at 1 in the morning. Please pray for safe travel and a joyful time. Once, I get back I will try to post something new and catch up on all of your blogs.

So, I will leave you with something substantial, even though is isn't what I wanted to leave you, anyway...

We should, to begin with, think that God leads a very interesting life, and that he is full of joy. Undoubtly he is the most joyous being in the universe. The abundance of his love and generosity is inseparable from his infinite joy. All of the good and beautiful things from which we occasionally drink tiny droplets of soul-exhilarating joy, God continuously experiences in all their breadth and depth...We are enraptured by a well-done movie sequence or by a few bars from and opera or lines from a poem. We treasure our great experiences for a lifetime, and we may have very few of them. But he is simply one great inexhaustible and eternal experience of all that is good and true and beautiful and right. This is what we must think of when we hear theologians and philosphers speak of him as a perfect being. This is life.

Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard

I love you all dearly, and my testimony will pop up when you least expect, I hope right now I'm leaving a legacy on others hearts that they can see that narrative manifest in me...God is so GOOD and is teaching me SO MUCH! All glory and honor to HIM!!!


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