What in the World's Going On?

I just realized that I haven't really put anything of great substance or of personal interest on my blog for awhile. God really hasn't lead me to do so, and I'm enjoying the easy relaxing summer that has come on me. I'm trying to read more, and I haven't been all inspired to write a whole lot, which makes me a little sad. So, I thought for a few down moments at work I would catch you up on the very exciting life of Melissa. Please no yawning or fluttering eyes...

So here is a rundown of what has been going on thus far...

Last week was the pantemount(msp) of what we like to call VBS (enough said!)

This week has had its own drama. Wednesday my Assitant Manager and a really good friend was rushed to the emergency room. She is a diabetic and she had a diabetic attack...she was feeling like she had the stomach flu, so she wasn't eating, therefore she wasn't taking her Insulin, therefore her sugar got way out of control...it peaked at 480!!! Needless to say she is lucky that she didn't go into shock. Her stomach problems were actually a sign of her sugar getting out of control. She is finalizing a divorce and hasn't been sleeping that well. So needless to say her health has not been the best. She was admitted to St. Joe's and they thought they were going to have to put her in ICU, however her sugar responded to a combination of Insulin, Potassium, and Saline...she has had to stay in the hospital for several days, lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, she ways 104 and is about my height,...they are getting her sugar under control and put her on a strict diet. She gave us all a scare. So I spent Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon at the hospital....GEEZ!

I gained 5 pounds...yay for me! Feeling great about that one!

I just finished Mindight Voices by John Saul...I love how easy and delicious he is to read...I like to scare myself...now I'm moving onto the first book in the Mark of the Lion Series "A Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers....it's a triliogy!

We had family friends from Georgia come down for a few days...they left this morning!

I got to play with the most beautiful baby in the world...baby George...planning a swimming date with him soon...he is a terror and he is perfect!

My Dad got me a digital camera as an early birthday present, and I haven't even had a chance to look at it!

We're gearing up for the Midnight Magic Party for the 6th book release "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"...next Friday at around midnight remember me! We have somewhere around 1500 posters to roll, around 2000 wrist bands to seperate and sort, all forms of media are coming out to do stories, Thursday of next week we have WKYT coming to do a news piece, KISS FM is parking in our parking lot the night of the event...and I haven't read a one of these books nor do I get any sales derived from that night...YIPPEE! I'm thrilled....Harry Potter forever Woo Hoo!

I'm just beginning to go back through Sacred Romance, actually right now I've just finished Journey of Desire and I'm to afraid to crack the first page of Sacred Romance...I'm also reading the book "Emotional Purity" that MK gave me and it is going to do some toe stomping let me tell you...it has already made me kind of sick to my stomach.

I'm getting my hair cut off this Saturday...Halelujah!

I'm going out to eat with one of my dear friends from school tonight!

I'm thinking of checking out the opportunities that North Carolina has to offer concerning my career goals per MK's suggestion.

All in all life is flowing, but thats about it. I've been so busy running full steam ahead, I haven't had a great amount of time of reflection...it is almost like an out of body experience. I like a time of reflection, and being without it feels a little unreal...I have no idea how to articulate the feeling that I'm feeling...it isn't bad, it just doesn't seem real...like my emotions, that creative part of me, has been set on the cold back burner and began to congeal...one of the biggest things I've realized is what a crappy friend I have been to my long distance friends. I'm going to have to work on consitently working on writing more letters...something I used to be known for, and start doing little things to let them know I appreciate them so much...

Well there you have it...my life in complete random order...I hope you enjoy this episode of "What in the World's Going On?" stay tuned next week to hear exciting updates...

Just Kidding! Love you all...may God fill your cups to overflowing!


fofinha said…
Hello treasure of God. Glad to see you back in the blog-o-sphere. Have I told you how I love you so?!?!? I am thrilled to see the Holy Spirit at work in the everyday of your life. May he protect you and those around you as you move through each day.

Yah, EP will definitely do some major toe stepping. I am praying you through that one.

And woo hoo, 2 mentions. I feel 'portant. tee hee

~Kat said…
Harry Potter rocks!! If I were in Richmond, I'd surely be right there at Midnight... as it stands, I'll probably be here asleep instead! :)
Melissa said…
Thanks Mary K...I wub you so much (way way way more than puffed corn) ::HEE::HEE::

Kat...you come work Harry Potter and I'll go stay home!...not looking forward to this AT ALL! Sorry to be a bummer about it!
Holly said…
Melissia, howdy do! What a great update! You made me exhausted just reading it! :)
Holly said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melissa said…
Thanks Mustang Girl...I was exhausted after writing it...::HEE::HEE::
Becca said…
HEY we did Ramblin Road Trip at our church too...!!! haha My little brother and sister went... I'm not sure if my youngest sis did though... haha yeah.

aww I'm glad your coworker is ok... looks like we've both had our share of the hospital lately.

<3 ya
Jessica said…
A digital camera! Wahoo! Those are so useful and so fun also! I need to read up on how to use my parents one as they let me use it alot. I still have trouble occasionally.

Glad your summer is going well!


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