Which Way Do I Go?

Which Way Do I Go? Posted by Picasa

Well, needless to say I have been VBS'n all this week and have literally had time for nothing else. My days consisted of getting out of bed around 6:20am needing to leave the house at 6:30am to get to work by 7am, work until 3:30pm, come home, get a shower, eat a bite, and head over to the church from 6-9:30pm each evening for VBS. It has been the most challenging tiring experience. Yet, one of the most rewarding. I assisted with the 1st and 2nd graders, and while they definitely tested their boundaries, they quickly captured a place in my heart. Especially, one of the little "terrors" Colby, while not always on his best behavior, he was animated, sweet, and funny...his father, our music director, calls me "Missy", Colby found it quite funny to call me that as well. Last night one of the older boys was treating him really badly, and he got me to try to stop it. I really didn't want to deal with this boy, so we had the pastor take care of it, I got him another hot dog and some coke, and in little to know time he was doing better. He was even helping us take down the set decorations. All in all, though my body may be weary, my soul is full. I LOVE CHILDREN...and this only strenghtened that truth that I want a lot of them...these kids were good, they were just kids, and sharing Jesus with them was one of the biggest blessings and honors I had. Just having one of these beautiful children wrap their loving arms around me was enough to send my heart spinning and my knees shaking. They filled my cup to overflowing. However, I am utterly grateful for a long weekend. What am I going to do with myself?

I know I have yet to get my blog fully updated...now I'm sure you can see why. I will try to work on it a little at a time this week...we'll have to see... I've still been reading all your wonderful blogs. Until next time its good to know I have other drivers on this Ramblin' Road Trip...catch you at the next stop light :)


Jessica said…
Your so cute Melissa! Glad you enjoyed VBS! Kids are so cute...but they can be quite a handful! :) Your blog looks great by the way!!

Melissa said…
Thanks my sweet girl...you cute as a button as well...yes kids are truly a blessing and a challenge all rolled into one...makes you think how the Father looks at us doesn't it!!!
fofinha said…
"Missy", you are blessed of God and way precious in His sight. I am so glad you had a good time, in spite of exhaustion. Children are a blessing and I know you were a blessing to them as well.

Just want you to know I love and miss you bunches. Let me know a free day soon!!!

Melissa said…
Mary K...my precious sweetheart, Darlin Precious, thank you thank you thank you for the kind words. Things are pretty much back to normal...I will have my evenings free, however, we have company coming into town until Friday, Friday evening I'm free!!! Sunday afternoon too :)

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