I'm a Princess!

We had a "I'm a Princess Party" at work yesterday which I hosted...over 50 princesses showed up. It was like a mad house. We ran out of everything, princesses were complaining because someone didn't get something that the other did. My legs are so sore from squatting and standing taking pictures to pacify the princesses. It makes me realize how we must seem to our King...we are constantly wanting, complaining about what we don't get, and think we are the fairest in the land...how annoying...however our beautiful Lord looks at us as Princesses indeed, beautiful and captivating!

I'm Princess Pooped!

God bless you ALL!


daisymarie said…
bless your heart! attending to all that royalty sounds terribly exhausting.
Melissa said…
It was indeed! But gave me good perspective!

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