The Journey...Thus Far (or rather this past week!)

Hello Everyone out there in this grand Blog-0-sphere!!! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with each of you what has been going on in my life as of late beyond what I've been learning about, it NOT being about me and all...all though God continually takes on a new dimension with that, and is daily whispering that truth in my ear. It is also clear to point out that satan has attacked me in great stride as of late as well...feelings of envy, remorse, even depression have crept up and caused me to go into some of my coping mechanisms that aren't of God. Each morning I wake up and go why did I do that, why did I go there with that thought or action, why am I still running to other things other than you are my protion, you are enough! Alas! I know Christ is refining me and that is refreshing. However, I have digressed long enough, let me share what has been going on with myself beginning with my birthday weekend...

So, Saturday August 27th was my birthday (thanks for the most amazing outpouring of love and well wishes, it makes me feel special), so my sister, Michelle, whom we are 4 years and one day apart and her birthday is on the 28th, wanted to go to the Ink and Blook exhibit that was touring in Lexington. Let me just say it was so packed it wasn't even funny (because it was the last weekend), but it was so awesome. I think it is one of the big reasons that I am falling in love with the word so much. Everytime I read I think about the Dead Sea Scrolls (parts of them that is), Bibles, and other artifacts I saw that day. I LOVE history lived, a tangable grasp of the past if you fascinates me and always leaves me with a sense of awe! It was a delightful afternoon.

Before we went to Ink and Blood I took my family to eat at Cosi, one of my new favorite sandwich restuarants, if you have one in your area I encourage you to go. After Ink and Blood we went to see Red Eye, not as scary or "edge of your seat" watching as I was hoping, but all in all a good movie. Then, we went to eat at Outback, and this dumplin' of a waiter served us (a great birthday present let me tell you HEE! HEE!) We came back home and opened up gifts and then on Sunday, my sisters birthday we just took it church sang Happy Birthday to me, and all that good stuff and then I just took Sunday evening to kick back and relax. The most fun was that my sister, Meredith, from Nashville and my Grandmother and Great Aunt from Georgia were here for the event. I love spending time with family and it was all and all a great experience.

The rest of the week was met with well wishes, e-cards, and even tributes to me on others blog...I shed a tear and am eternally grateful for this wonderful, no matter how undeserved, outpouring of love.

Fast forward to this weekend...yesterday I took my Mom, Sister, and Grandmother's to The Summit in Louisville to shop. We had the best day ever, I love this is so beautiful and has a lot of shops that Lexington does not. Of course they have a Barnes and Noble, it wouldn't be as exceptional if they didn't...Duh! I got a pair of jeans, two pairs of slacks for work, a pair of laced boots, and a pair of tennis shoes (I never buy tennis shoes), and a little splirge on some cute jewelry at Claire's...(since I've gained weight, URGH!!!...I can't wear anything so it was a much needed purchase!) We ate at Mitchell's which is this absolutely divine seafood resturaunt...I had a crab cake melt followed by homeade Lemon Cheesecake with Blueberries on top...oh yeah this helped the weight issue a lot!! Oh well, it was good, and we did do a lot of walking that day. I can always eat!

Well, being off on Friday of course means that I had to work today...I'm a little frustrated with work right now, it is strained do the increasing holiday season, and people not helping me with my job, it's just frustrating, and I'm trying to listen to God's voice in it, but it can so easily get overwhelming....thank the Good Lord up above that I have Labor Day off.

So, this weekend looks like church on Sunday and then Monday my friend Jamie has invited me to the Reniassance Festival in Ohio...I haven't been to one of these things since I was a Freshman in High School. I am so looking forward to it. It will be her Mom, Dad, her husband Chris, her, her darlin' nephew Adam, and myself. It should be an absolute blast. I am very much looking forward to it, and I plan to take plenty of pics. Then, Wednesday of this week I go to a conference in Louisville with our store manager which proves to be a lot of fun. Busy! Busy! Gracious me.

I have joined an Advisory Council for two of our area schools that are in need. We meet bi-monthly and it looks like it is going to be a really great resource. Plus there was this adorable gentleman from the CenterPointe Church named Billy...he was precious, and we were able to talk a little bit, a good friendly conversation. He even hesitated to was simply an unexpected enjoyment to feel flattered in an absolute kind and good way...I think I'm going to enjoy these meetings!

Believe it or not I'm still trying to work on moving to NC...looking at maybe August 2006 so I can establish residency before applying to the Filmschool...just keep me in your prayers!

That's my life in a nutshell...of course we have all be effected by Katrina, and I'm dealing with it in my own way, as I'm sure all of you are, I'm growing in my faith it is clear and evident in my life that God is doing an awesome and good work in me. In the end, I really like the woman I have become, and I do have a lot to offer. I feel confident in the person I am. Dare I say it, I like me! For any of you who know me at all on a intimate level know this is a really big deal. I am once again working on my Testimony so I will try to share with everyone my struggle for self-esteem and self-worth. The only thing that I still struggle with, and it makes me mad that it does is my weight...weight is still such a stereotype for ugly...and in my soul I don't see that...AT ALL! Really! But, sometimes satan can be so cruel in how I see myself in my mirror or how others see me. Just pray that the Lord will keep me healthy, I know that He desires a healthy weight for me to be, but also pray that I can overcome this hindrance in my life, for it doesn't matter how skinny I am per say if I'm not strong in the person I am now.

Well, for better or worse that is what's going on. I feel like this might be a wasted post for I have rambled on and on...but I love all of you dearly, I pray you have a blessed Labor Day weekend. Take Care, God Bless, and if you need anything please let me know...I wish I could see all of you beautiful people in person and give you a day!


daisymarie said…
What a wonderful time for celebrating you! I'm thankful that your days were filled with friends, family, and yummy food! I understand struggles with weight and how the Enemy uses that weapon to pound us good!

Take care dear one and consider yourself blessed!
~Kat said…
you's a busy lady! :)
Melissa said…
I truly consider myself blessed to have both you lovely ladies in my life. Thank you both so much!

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