Well, as I have been traveling over several different blogs this morning I have found that Hurricane Katrina and the devistation she caused has be heavely on peoples hearts and minds, but their was one post inparticular that really made me think...that was Tom from Effortless Grace...I just felt the anguish in his post and I wanted to share it with all of you. I have been continually praying for those that are dealing with this aftermath, and I will be providing monitary relief as soon as God leads me where to go as he did in the Tsunami!!! But right now I would like to lift up a prayer for those in the wake of this terrible storm...

Oh Gracious Holy Father,

I cry Abba! Holy One! Abba! Merciful Lord! Abba! Father you formed the foundations of the Earth, you set the heavens and stars in the sky. Yet, you know even when a sparrow falls from its nest. Oh Jesus, you are compassionate, caring, and mindful of us! Lord, I feel sorrowful that I am not drawn to my knees in tears over this tragedy. Somehow, if it doesn't concern me it isn't my problem. That is just me being honest! Oh Father, thank you for pricking my heart with what Tom said...oh Abba how long? Lord, may your passionate grace and endless compassion flow forth on these people in need. Oh Father! Many have nothing left, many have lost loved ones, many are at their wits end. Jesus...Daddy! Great Lover of our souls...I find myself completely and totally witout words, and all I can do is call on Your Holy Name. Holy Spirit pray what I cannot...I petition your throne room Lord...I give these people to Your care, for you are the only one who could love them more. Reveal Yourself to them Jesus! Be with them. Comfort them. Love them. Like only you can! Thank you Father for translating my babbling and hearing it as sweet music in your ears. Father God thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

I love you! Help me to love you more! (and to be more compassionate!)

Yours Completely,

May God bless each and everyone of you who has been pricked by this devistating storm, my thoughts and prayers are ever with you!


Bar Bar A said…
I second that
Gayla said…
Another AMEN!
Melissa said…
Thank you guys so much and thank you Well Woman for dropping by! God has really pricked my heart deeply over this, and all I can pray for is His mercy and grace!

Love y'all!

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