I'm Breathing!

...that's about all I can say!

I have been in a real reclusive mode these last several days...not working things out, working them out, etc... I'm frankly struggling with some internal baggage!

However, God is gracious and the mercies are new every morning. Will write more later and will be catching up on your blogs soon :)


bjk said…
Glad to see you are, breathing, that is.....Ecc.7:8 The end of a matter is better than it's beginning and patience is better than pride.
He's got you sister....love b
Mustang Girl said…
I am always here for you Melissa! Let me know if there is anythng I can pray about with you?

Teresa said…
I'm praying for you dearheart. Be still and know. He loves you and so do I!
~Kat said…
see you friday, beautiful. we'll pray, pray, pray!
Bar Bar A said…
Wow, today is my lucky day, a post from Kat and Melissa!!!

Always praying for you sweetie!
Melissa said…
I love you all...oh my saucer is wet!
Gayla said…
I just wanted to pop in and say hi. :)

I'll have to catch up on reading a bit later. Gotta get to payroll before these people start clamoring for their checks!

love you~
Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, it's a difficult time but He is there, carrying you each step of the way! As hard as it is to believe, the sun WILL come out again and shine. I'm praying for you today! :)
Melissa said…
Again...God bless you all to the ends of the earth...I am blessed beyond measure!

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