I'm Worth....FLOWERS!!!!

I just got the most beautiful delicious smelling gorgeous amazingingly colorful...deep reds, delicious yellows, beautiful greens, and a baby gourd...yes I said a baby gourd, beautifully arranged in an elegant vase...and you know what I deserved them. Everyone at work were like oooo and ahhhh! Wanting to know where I got them, who sent them, etc... I just felt so warm and special, not to mention that this absolutely BEAUTIFUL guy, literally one of the most lovely looking men I have ever seen saw me get flowers :) :)

I just have to thank Mary K for the thoughtful and caring gesture. I'm looking at them right now as I'm writing this and am just humbled and thankful and blessed.



fofinha said…
Babygirl, you deserve so much more than just flowers, you derserve the world on a platter.

Love you.
Carol said…
So glad you're enjoying them. Take a picture!
Pilot Mom said…
I'm echoing Carol...take a pic and post!!! :)
Bar Bar A said…
Personally, I'd rather see a pic of the lovely guy.

But I'd like to see the flowers too!!!
~Kat said…
wow!! :)
Melissa said…
Layla...in agreement with you, would love a pic of the guy...if he comes back in the store I might try to do so...what? I'm not a stalker!...I am planning to take a picture of the prilly flowers...!!!

(Speaking of pics, need to post some...will do so soon!)
Gayla said…
Of course you're worth it! :) Why would you think otherwise?!

daisymarie said…
echoing! You ARE absolutely worth it!

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