Just wanted to drop a few lines before I actually did some work at work...hee! hee! I've finally revisited all your blogs and caught up for the most part! You have been busy little bees! I have tried unsuccessfully to post something on Gayla's blog, so dear know that I will be emailing you when I get home...and all in all I started off my morning exactly how I said I wouldn' a bad mood. Remember me telling you that Amy and I think satan is tacky...well, this morning once again affirms my feelings on that subject are true! This weekend in fact, this last week! While I won't go into details I'm allowing those lovely little heart sins to turn me into ash! However, how merciful and gracious Father works best from the Ashes!

Just wanted all of you to know that I love you dearly and deeply and am blessed by the passion and thought you are putting into each of your posts. I'm truly blown away and almost overwhelmed by what I've been guys just ROCK! (Let's all remember to lift Gayla up in prayer :)...we will never be true brothers and sisters until we can battle on our knees for each other and rejoice in His victory!!!

Hey, please make sure you click the...CLICK to see more Pictures link at the last picture, you have to scroll back down past that picture, but I posted a LOT of pictures and forgot about the fact that there are so many that will fit on my page...anyhoo...good pics of weddings, babies, and family! (I'm eventually going to get Flickr guys, I just have to have a moment to myself to actually work at it from home!)

Well, this is truly a nonsensical post, but I just wanted to say hi and hello there...and how are you? I want to be camping in the mountains, taking long walks, and relishing in God's creation...anyone else wanna join...we can roast marshmellows and whisper folklore over burning amber and chalky smoke...earthen sod underneath and the smell of rich pine and smoke in the coffee and cocoa, s'mores, and memories...I'm in! I want it NOW!



Gayla said…
Testing to see if your comments are working.
Gayla said…
Guess they are. I've heard from several people that my comments aren't working. Interesting that they're not working on 'that' particular post!

Melissa, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Your grace and kindness are TRULY inspirations to me.

And, if I liked camping in any fashion or form, I'd be right there with you! :) LOL
Teresa said…
The camping thing, are we taking your car or mine? When do we leave?
Bar Bar A said…
Thanks for saying hi! I want to go camping too! Sitting around talking for hours soaking in the beauty of nature AND eating s'mores sounds like a blast.
Carol said…
I'm cold. The gas fireplace is on. I didn't put on any makeup today. Does that count as camping?
Carol said…
I'm cold. The gas fireplace is on. I didn't put on any makeup today. Does that count as camping?
Melissa said…
Well Woman...back your bags!
Carol...Absolutely!...are you roasting marshmellows?
Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, where are yooouuuuu?! :)
Melissa said…
I'm back Pilot Mom...I'm back!

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