My List of Firsts...

Got this off JettyBetty's blog:

First Memory:
I can't remember :)
First Kiss:

Not yet :)
First Concert:
I can't remember the first one I went to, but I remember the first one I loved going to and that was the Freak Show concert in Nashville TN! It was the first time I had been in Nashville and I LOVED that city, and my two favorite bands were playing back to back...Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk. I got to meet Audio A out front and I got to go back stage to meet DCT...AWESOME!
First Love:
I haven't been in love! (current crush: Nathan Fillion!)
First Lust:
Jonathan Brandis
First Thing I Think In The Morning:
It's to early to be morning...a great oxymoron...I know!
First Book I Remember Loving:
Mrs. Mike
First Pet:
Bridget the dog (don't know what kind of dog, but I loved that dog)
First Question I'll Ask In Heaven:
Where's Jesus! I wanna see my Jesus!
First Thing I Think Of When I Hear The Word Vacation:
No Stress! Mountains, babbling brooks, NO STRESS!
First Best Friend:
Terri Jean
Last Time I Dressed Up:
I have to dress up everyday for work :(
Last Thing I Ate:
A big old Cinnamon Roll from the cafe...enjoyed every bite!
Last CD I Bought"Out of the Blue":
Audio Adrenaline's new CD!
Last Time I Cried:
Going through a dry spell, but almost cried this morning...long story!
Last Time I Told Someone I Loved Them:
I do that is something I was taught to do and my family and I say that to one another all of the time!
Last Really Fun Thing I Did:
Went to Gatti (now that is just spelled wrong) with my friend Jamie, her husband, and some church kids she was keeping...I love these kids and I love Jamie and Chris...and it was my first experience at Gatti was a lot of fun...then I went to see a history of violence and lost my only set of keys to my car...have I told you guys this story...hmmmm...needless to say a FUN NIGHT TO BE HAD!
Last Thing I Watched On TV:
I've been engrossed in watching Firefly on DVD...yep you guest it...last thing I watched...going to watch Serenity again tonight!

Just thought I would throw something lighthearted in the mix, since I had the all serious post previously...thanks guys for all your prayers and support...not spell checking this post na! na!


Bar said…
This is a fun and colorful list!!! Thanks for sharing. You know what I think is soooooo cool, is that you are saving your first kiss for your first love. That is going to be special, wish I could say I did that!
Pilot Mom said…
Melissa, I don't think you will have to ask to see Jesus. Paul tells us, absent from the body, present with the Lord. I bet He will be the first one you see when you arrive! :) Won't that be glorious?!!
Anonymous said…
hey, this is my first time visiting you, i must say i've had a nice stay and i will be back. :o)

anyways, i've to things to say about this post 1) you've no idea how jealous i am that you got to see dc Talk live, words can hardly express! and 2) i dont think you'll need to look for Christ when you get to heaven, He'll have mugged you as you came in the door and wrapped you in a massive bear hug. ;o) after all He's been waitin for ages to do that.

God Bless.x

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