Some People...

Thank you everyone who commented on my previous post. There are so many treasured people in my life, new blog family that I've yet to add to my list and visit their blogs right and proper, old blog family, and so much more. I thank you all for this truth that you have put at my feet...I know that Satan would absolutely delight in me wallowing in my self pity...but this is NOT about me.

I just have to share something with you. I have always been the one that does things for other people. I am the one who always cares first, gives first, loves first. I rarely see any receprication from what I do. I'm not complaining mind you. I delight in my service to others, but sometimes you need your heart loved on you know. Sometimes you need someone to listen to the Lord and actually come to you and speak divine truth over you heart. You need to see someone broken over a situation even though they know none involved. You need to find solace in a TRUE friend. Now, I know if many of you were in driving distance you would have done the same thing, but I was loved on today and I just feel like I NEED to share this with you.

This person has been my friend for only a short time, but I truly feel she is more like a sister than anyone I have had the pleasure of knowing. She heard my hearts cry, not from my lips, not from me saying I needed her, but from God, and she acted on this...after calling my cell phone my work line she proceeded to get in her car and come see me, speak truth over me, and pray for me. I DO NOT think she will ever know how much that impacted my life. I only know of one other person who took action in my life without me sharing and that is I know I have angels unawares and I'm blessed for those people, but sometimes you need angels manifest in your life.

It was amazing what happened. I was humbled at her brokness for the situation...we both realized what a cry this is...people are dying because we are to scared and prideful to share the truth of LOVE! Just loving a person...telling them they are worthy of love. You know sometimes I think I'm not bold because I don't evangelize the way I should, but my dear sweet friend came to me and told me that I'm just to love those around me in this time...if I don't show them love then I will never be able to prove to them that there is a loving God who cares intimately for them. That I am to be Paul to the Prison Guard after the storm and the prison crumbled and all the prisoners escaped...he was going to kill himself, and Paul said even amongst the rubble we are with you! I'm just supposed to be here for people.

Oh God is so good. He is so amazing...he is so breathtaking...he is so gentle....he is so merciful!

Precious ones I just ask you to keep me in prayer...I was literally drained after my friends prayer...I was battle weary! Oh, but then I got to talk with Tarryn...she just opened up and I was blessed! I'm listening to the whisper on the me to shut-up and listen!

You may be wondering who this somebody is that shared God's merciful blessing in my is none other than our fellow blogger Kat! (Thank you sweetheart from the top of my head to the tips of my toes!)

As we (Kat and I) say, "Satan is so tacky!" But you know what that's all he can be because he knows his demise and he is fighting with whatever amo he can muster!

I'm sorry if I don't visit your blogs for several days...thank you for reading mine...I love you all deeply and dearly!


~Kat said…
Oh, Melissa - Thank you for saying such awesomely nice things! You are such a beautiful and loving woman in Christ! I just love your beautiful soul! Your love is changing my life, too, you know! My mom was so right: You ARE good for me! :)

Praise God!
Becca said…
alrightie kid you know you're in my prayers:)

haha... shut up and listen... that so reminds me of Princess Diaries

sorry for the randomness. You caught me in a good mood :)
Carol said…
Well, Kat is an answer to prayer, is she not?

Praise Him in all things!
Mustang Girl said…
Melissa, I am praying for you daily. I am praying for the family also.

Bar Bar A said…
Hey Girl, just thinking of you and wanted to say hello!

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