Christmas Shopping...the Meaning...Life!

Hello Everyone!

I just revisited all your other blogs, you all have been busy and it was great fun catching up.

Anonymous...I replied to your comment on my previous post, just so you know! (Thanks for making me think)

God is working in all of your lives and working in me through you and many other things in my much going on in my little brain that I can't really articulate it!

Let's talk about what I did yesterday...which is Christmas Shop...I got my Christmas shopping done in one day...and let me say that is a good and bad thing. I have no control with money, especially around Christmas...let's just say that I spent a months wages in a day...I bought things for myself as well...STUFF...things I don't need! Oh me!

I always say that I want Christmas to be about Christ, and visiting Pilot Mom's blog today and reading what she posted on inviting Jesus to Christmas...well just READ IT! I thought on how I rarely invite him, I focus far to much on what to get someone than on Him...what would He tell me to do if I invited Him to his birthday party...

You see growing up Christmas was a wonderful event at my house...a time for family friends and fellowship...we would go look at Christmas lights, there were Christmas parties, and a yearly tradition of reading the Christmas story and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Eve...but there was also a lot of reflection on presents. I'm not sure I know how to balance. I want to use my hands at Christmas not my pocket book...I want to raise my kids that way....however, I do like things...I have to admit that! I'm hoping that my future husband will help me to balance...learn how to teach our children to balance...any thoughts or suggestions...what do you do to make the holiday season more about Christ than about gifts?

Take Care all...will try to write more soon...changes to the blog still coming!


Pilot Mom said…
One thing we do is keep a Blessing Jar. Throughout the year we drop slips of paper with blessings written out in it. Then on Christmas morning we open the Jar and take turns pulling out each blessing and reading it. Then we get to relive that special event and talk and share about it. We've done that for years.
Bar L. said…
I can't believe you have all your shopping done, I am envious :) I personally don't like shopping at all, but I love giving gifts, so it's kinda weird.

Since my son was a baby I tried to think of age appropriate ways to bring Christ into Christmas. For one, we never did Santa. A lot of friends freaked out that I deprived him of that, but he loved Christmas just as much - he still got gifts, we still did all the usualy stuff, but he knew that Christmas was Jesus's birthday.

Some things we have done:
Make a birthday cake for Jesus
Operation Christhas Child
Angel Tree Prison Ministry
Visting an orphanage in Tijuana and bringing gifts
Sitting around in candlelight singing all the Christ-centered Carols
Anonyously giving a tree to someone who could not afford one
Holly said…
Melissa you are just on the ball girl!! All I can say for me is that I am only starting to think of things to get people, all beit few this year, but still. I love Christmas!! I remember as a kid my parents would put on Christmas records and sing along as we decorated the Christmas tree, and the home. Being that I was brought up by non Christians we never really made the season about Christ. Not until I became a Christian did I celebrate in my heart and with friends of the Birth of our Heavenly Father. Last year my mom and I participated in Operation Christmas Child. I am planning on saving some money and shop from the Samaritan's Purse gift catalog to help people that are in need. I like you Melissa, look foward to making my own family memories with my family to be. And pass that along to my childern, and what Christmas really means!

God Bless Darlin! .:hugs:.
~Kat said…
Melissa - if you bought me something, you turn right around and take it back! Now! This instant, young lady!

Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving! :) I'll be in Indiana for the last time that weekend, so I'm sure in many ways, it will be emotional! :)

Big sloppy kisses! Scratch your poor dog for me.
Anonymous said…
Melissa honey you are a whirlwind. I just love you! Having children does change the way you see Christmas. You have never seen Christmas lights until you've seen them reflected in your child's eyes. Since Mikey was born we celebrate Christmas with a Birthday Party for Jesus. We have a special decorated cake, just like for her birthday. It's a big to do! Candles and the works. That way she gets to have fun and focus on Jesus.
Melissa said…
Oh these are really really good! Excellent I might say! I think I'm going to print them out and cherish them forever and ever!

Kat - absolutely NOT!!!
Carol said…
Last year my sister and her husband sent a couple of soccer balls and a goat to a village in Africa as a gift to our family. I thought that was great! I'm thinking about doing something similar for the hard-to-buy-for folks on my Christmas list.

Y'all are going to laugh - we have our outside lights up already. (Not ON, just up.)

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