I have been feeling that way from everything in my life...
Sometimes I can live so internally in my head and the stories that I create there that I really lose myself...
On tope of my OCD I swear sometimes I have Multiple Personality Disorder...except they never display themselves...it's just like I wake up and go where did I go!...I think I need to be casting out some demons!

In my disconnectedness (if that is such a word) I also have felt very disconnected with all of you. While, it has been nothing but a great thing not being able to check my blog at work, I still miss reading every entry that all of you have written, etc... I just want all of you to know that I love ya, miss ya, and pray for you...

I am really doing well...just disconnected...God will use it for His glory...I'm kinda giggly because it is December 1st and I can start wearing my Christmas pins...I go to the Hymn Sing tomorrow night and then to Bardstown on Saturday...I'll fill you in...I'm so excited I get to share with all of you about the truly most wonderful time of the year! Hee! Hee!

PS...you guys are really busting my chops...prayer, scripture, accountability...oh yeah! You guys are smokin'...and pretty darned interesting...

Now, ask me if this was a random post or what?

What's been random in your life lately...any other disconnected people out there?


Becca said…
*waits for awesome letter from Melissa*

I have decided that you should come to Michigan to see me :)
jettybetty said…
It's amazing any more how disconnected I feel when I can't get to the computer and catch up with everyone.

I can hardly wait to hear about all you are going to do in the most wonderful time of the year!!

(I absolutely love random posts!!!)
Pilot Mom said…
Disconnected? Is that what you said? What day doesn't? I can't tell you how many times I am 'disconnected' and heaven forbid I ever find out the number of the ones I don't even know about.

I went a whole year (at LEAST) thinking the show Alias was ALIENS! Now, how disconnected is that? Everytime my hubby sees a commercial for it he reminds me the 'alien show' is on... ROFLOL! I finally watched it for the first time this fall and couldn't reconcile where the 'aliens' were going to 'fit in' with the story plot about 'agents'. Then during the commerical I guess I FINALLY actually read the shows logo ALIAS and the light bulb came on! Is that too funny or just plain stupid?! ;) I promise you, I'm serious as can be!
Holly said…
I am begining to think I have a touch of OCD myseelf, if you can have just a touch.

Disconnected...Yes I feel disconnected from the people that I haven't been able to get together with and talk to while school has been in my life. People I used to hang out with in high school--who are having children right and left and now they are growing so fast. I just pray God allows some time soon for me to re-connect with these people. At times I feel disconnected from church... I have been absent for a few weeks now for various reason--nothing to do with the church itself--and I was able to go to Bible study this week... and I was reminded of how blessed by second group of "grandmas". I am rambling... but yes I too am feeling slightly disconnected in ways. .:hugs:.
Anonymous said…
Hmmmmm...Disconnected, you say? Well, me? I'm the epitomy of 'all together.' YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!!!! :)

I'm having to intently, with purpose, make sure this season doesn't go by like a flash! But there's a lot to get done.

I'm wearing my Christmas attire as well. :) I have so many Christmas vests, shirts and sweaters, it's pathetic! Then there are the Christmas earrings and pins. I'm a walking Christmas tree! But I love it!

You'll be fine, my sistah. Just keep focused on your Father!

BTW, ROTL at my disconnected friend, Claire!
~Kat said…
I'm so disconnected, it took all my will to focus enough just to make it through the post! Talk about disconnected. And I am going to call you right now because we need to talk. Right now... I'm posting this and calling.
Anonymous Mom said…
Random, but very fun to read :)
Melissa said…
Becca...I'm totally there...the letter is coming...I haven't forgotten you :)

JettyBetty...random posts are awesome aren't they!

Pilot Mom...Alias just might be Aliens but no one knows it...I do that kind of stuff all of the time...Ahhh!(that's a sigh, not frustration!)

Mustang Girl...OCD girls unite...I will pray that you will be able to make connections and have moments to live your life beyond school room doors.

Gayla...don't you just love Christmastime attire...excellent...I know you have to make the concious effort to focus on enjoying the season...a never ending cycle huh!

Kat...I love you because that is so how I feel!

Thanks Well Woman!

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