Broken Jars and Such...

You know I had handwritten this lovely little post that I was going to post tonight and left it at work, God willing no one will find it at tell on know I've realized how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful job like mine...I get the freedom of creating my own schedule...I get the freedom of kind of living life freely...I'm able to spend time with friends and family more easily. I've been unfairly frustrated and now I'm overly paranoid...I'm worried that I'll be found doing something wrong and get in trouble again, I know this is straight from satan and that I need to trust in the great hand of Providence that is guiding me...

So, I will pose a question until I hopefully find the work that I've done when I go to work do you really show Christ in the workplace?

Is it by the work you do, because I'll be honest...all I've been wanting to do is read the word and my Christian magazines as of late and I've been doing I showing Christ in doing "holy" things when really I should be working, is it my spirit or God's calling me to this...or do I need to display Christ my dutifully doing work. I've been feeling a little strange...

How do you balance?

Pray that I'll really dive into the word and spend REAL time with God...I'll post something more substantial tomorrow!!!


Pilot Mom said…
WEll, when I worked I found the best way to show Christ was to be obedient to the 'rules' of the workplace but more importantly is how you interact with people. If you are loving, accepting, helpful, compassionate, etc to the people you come in contact with, that goes a long way. And you would do that even with the "odd" employees who no one ever wants to befriend.

I had another employee ask me one time how I could be so nice to "X". I asked her, "How could I not be when Christ was MORE than nice to me?"

Sometimes you'll exhibit Christ by your Christlike answers in a discussion with others.

I think if you are just yourself, He will shine through. :)

Thanks for the e-card! It brightened up my day immensely!!! You are so precious!
jettybetty said…
Claire has some incredible thoughts here--I especially like the suggestion to befriend the people who might not otherwise have friends.

One thing I TRY to do on the way to work (I have quite a commute in traffic) is pray that God will fill me with His Holy Spirit and I will not look at myself, so He can use me however He wants for whatever happens that day. I am so imperfect--I know I mess up--but that's where I want my heart to be.

I love my job--but I do believe God has me in that specific place for His purposes--and I want to be a sweet fragrance for Him.
Melissa said…
Thank you so much JettyBetty and Pilot Mom, exactly what I needed today! Much blessings to the both of you!
Mustang Girl said…
" do you really show Christ in the workplace?"

What a great question Melissa!! I think the way that I try to show Christ in the workplace is to work my hardest--keeping busy. Showing a willingness to help others when they are in need. I will definately be thinking about this question in the coming weeks!

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