My dear friends and blogging family I have spent the last hour on a post and have lost it, we all know how frustrating that is and I just don't have the strength to post it right now. I will be going to a meeting for work tomorrow so I'll try to post it the second time on Wednesday...so stay tuned for "What the, oh yeah...abundant life?" I'm tired, frustrated and burned out!


Dawn said…
There is nothing like writing the perfect post or comment only to wonder what happened to what I just wrote. I know I just typed something, where did it go.

Been there before. No fun....

I look forward to reading your post Wednesday. Until then hope you are having a good day.
Becca said…
yeah me too.
bjk said…
We'll just wait.....don't worry about it...we'll just wait
Melissa said…
Thanks Guys!
Dawn said…
You are spending Valentine's with Bon Jovi. Oh my I am so jealous!!!! The other night Patt got a movie, wasn't really my kind and then I see him and it's like oh wait, think I'll watch after all.

Have fun, take lots of pictures!!

Did I mention I'm really jealous??

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