Just When You Thought I Was Back!

Oh how I miss each and everyone of you beautiful and talented people...I'm still very much fed up to here, but God is working. How I desire to root myself in each of your blogs and find out where you are at, but at this time I am working a very rough schedule. I was off Wednesday and I won't be off again until next Saturday. That's right folks a 9 day work day. I'm just drowning a little in a job that makes me sooo frustrated. Please pray for me and if you just want to chat or tell me how you have been please email me. I would love to hear from you. I promise to try and catch up on all you fine people soon...yes, my dear Carol your definition of "fed up to here" fits my life right now...Dawn, it's on...you and me Bon Jovi, what could be better :)

Thanks everyone who commented on my previous post...Becky I miss your insight, Kat you rule!

PS...my sister found an apartement in Memphis, we will have here for only two more weeks! I have to say I'm a little jealous, but all in God's timing (I'm not spinning my wheels...I'm not!)


Dawn said…
Hang in there girl, and don't work to hard!
Pilot Mom said…
I'm praying for your endurance, stamina and a joyful spirit as you work your 9 day week! Hang in there, Melissa!

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