Fall...Thanks for Abundant Bounty!

2Out of the mouths of babes and unweaned infants You have established strength because of Your foes, that You might silence the enemy and the avenger. – Psalm 8:2

14And the blind and the lame came to Him in the porches and courts of the temple, and He cured them.
15But when the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonderful things that He did and the boys and the girls and the youths and the maidens crying out in the porches and courts of the temple, Hosanna (O be propitious, graciously inclined) to the Son of David! they were indignant.
16And they said to Him, Do You hear what these are saying? And Jesus replied to them, Yes; have you never read, Out of the mouths of babes and unweaned infants You have made (provided) perfect praise? – Matthew 21: 14-16

This is what we are to be, like little children that sing Hosanna unto the Son of David! Here lately I have felt so old and used up and unproductive, but I’m reminded in this, my most favorite time of year, the childlike quality that resides in me. Fall is truly the most wonderful time of year. I can’t explain what it does to me as everything in its brilliance is shedding off the dog heat of summer to get ready for the long slumber of winter. It is in this great transition time between life and youth and the pathway to death and slumber that I find my most joy. The leaves shed their green color to reveal their true selves underneath, and what a banquet of color that is displayed. I never get tired of almost running my car off the road for a peek at God’s handiwork. Should we not be like that, shedding off those things that weight us down and mask our true identity and go forth bursting in color and beauty of who we are in Him?

I love everything about this time of year.

I LOVE THE SMELL OF FALL…delicious apple cider, crackling campfires, hot cocoa, dusty books, hot pumpkin pie, fresh pine, fresh and spicy hey…all things to tantalize the nose.

I LOVE THE SOUNDS OF FALL…the crunch crunch of the leaves underfoot, the wind gliding through the trees, the childlike laughter of those tumbling and rolling in fresh piles of leaves, the birds flying south for the winter, the beginning sounds of Christmas Bells and glad tidings tell.

I LOVE THE FEEL OF FALL…chilly mornings and cool afternoons, the warmth of a blanket and a good book or movie on a cloudy fall day spent in doors, delicious smooth pumpkins with their cool smooth face, apples red and tender plucked by mitten hands.

I LOVE THE LOOK OF FALL…the brilliant colors on the trees, how the sky just can’t help but be a little bluer, the animals scurrying this way and that storing food for the long winter months, the decorations and the warm sweaters pulled out of attacks and cedar chests.

All of it makes me feel about eight years old without a care in the world. I just want to revel in it, drink of it, and breathe it in. It truly is my heartbeat and gives me a feeling I cannot describe. As the years get faster and faster and time seems to rush on us like one harsh wave after the next I can easily get lost in all the to do’s of the holiday season. I really want this holiday season to be different. I don’t know how, and I haven’t talked to God about it yet, but I want to bring importance to it.

This time of year also makes me so thankful; thankful for what God has given me…He has given me a place to lay my head and a roof overhead. He has blessed me with health and the ability to get out and enjoy life (something I so often take for granted), He has provided for me the most loving and blessed church I could ever ask for in a million years and without these body of believers I surely would be lost, He has given me two of the best and most wonderful sisters which I can’t imagine my life without who hold me to the flame and remind me that I’m loved just the way I am, He has given me loving parents who have allowed their children to take the time they need to discover who they are and how to spread their wings and have allowed us to do that in what manner we choose, He has provided encouraging Grandparents who support and give so much wisdom for the journey, He has provided a unique blog family that I so never take for granted and loving friends that fill my cup to overflowing. He gave of himself on a tree at Calvary and provided a chance for me to truly know Him…a blessing I don’t think I will ever or could ever repay!

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings you have given me…
Loving Sisters who are as unique as night and day
Claire and Gayla who truly are ladies of stature and poise and Godly wisdom
Becky who constantly pushes me to the flame, reminding me of the journey…always the journey…
Mary K who is my Darlin’ Precious and believes in me like no one else.
Becca whose heart and soul and passion for life are all pulled together in an intelligent young lady.
Dawn whose heart and compassion for family, husband, and her blog family fill my cup daily…
Marcia who is always pushing her heart closer to God’s flame.
Holly for always encouraging and giving of herself daily
JettyBetty who encouraged me to make this list in the first place…

And the list goes on and on.

Thank you Jesus for your unnumbered blessings and for this amazing Fall season.

Fall into the arms of Jesus
Allow Him to work in and around and through your life
Listen to Him and
Lean on Him when the road gets to hard to travel.


jettybetty said…
I am thankful you write so well--what a great post--you say it all so well--just reading this makes me warm and fuzzy inside!
Pilot Mom said…
She does, doesn't she, Jetty Betty?

Melissa, I too, LOVE fall! Everything about it. We need to make more time to write down what we are thankful for. Thanks for reminding me to do just that!

*you made me BLUSH!*

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