Love's Abiding Joy...My Cup Overflows!

I'm sort of overwhelmed right now, so much flowing through my mind, my veins my heart. It's just time, it's time to's time to let the Lord move in me and through me and all around me. I've learned so much about myself during this time I've been off, much of it I didn't like, but now God wants to open doors for me...I'm just so full up. I found out today that Michael Landon Jr. is a Christian and the lead actor Logan Bartholomew, who plays Willie LaHaye is a Christian...I also found out that Michael Landon Jr. has directed and Fox Faith Movies is releasing "The Last Sin Eater" in movie format. This is based off my favorite author Francine Rivers book with the same title. As I begin to watch these Christian films take place I was full of joy and pride and hope. Oh my cup truly overflows...I can't talk about it too sort of hurts, it is sort of scary, and I have no idea what it means, but God is working...He is moving in a big and mighty you know that it took Michael Landon Jr. 10 years to get "Love Come Softly" made...

I'm so thankful for him, I thank God for sculpting and crafting a man that not only lives out his father's legacy, but lives in freedom from the cycle of abuse and heartache that has begotten his family in generations past...and that his children can live in peace. I'm thankful for the man that Michael Landon Jr. is that he not only fights to make good Christian work but refuses to make anything else. I thank God for a man after His own heart...a warrior in his own right.

I'm thankful for a young man who is living out his faith on and off screen...I'm thankful that the Lord allowed me to discover that Logan Bartholomew is a Christian and I just ask God to hold Him and keep Him from all the horrific trappings of Hollywood...trappings I thought once looked lucious to me.

I thank God for Fox Faith Movies, and their promise to get quality family programming in theaters.

I thank God for silently telling me it is all going to be alright, that the answer to the first step is just around the bend, but now I just have to strive, work for, and trust Him...

Lord, be with all those on set and all around these Love... projects, Hold them in the hallow of your hand and guide them into a strong and binding faith with you.

To read more about Michael Landon Jr. Please click HERE!

I'm sorry I'm all jumbled, I just had to get the jumble-bunnies out of my head.

I love you all!


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