Is this Really MY SPACE, MY BLOG, ETC...

Per some interesting things that have been taking place around my neck of the woods, particularly with comments on blogs, I'm wondering if I really think I'm vane enough to think that I can post something on a public forum where anyone can see it and not expect feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Furthermore, is it fair to the person who has come to "my space" and took the time to read what I've written and then respond for me to go back in and delete that comment because I didn't like it.

I get freedom of speech. I like that we can have our own little spaces in this universe that can be solely for what we think, believe, etc... But, am I kidding myself that everyone is going to love my thoughts, views, and ideals. PLEASE...give me a break.

Especially, since I'm a Christian...I know that many will hate me for that.

To further that statement, if I'm putting a persona out there of who I am! Such as a Christian, and then I go off and act very un-Christian like in a post, or make people feel less than human or loved by something I I still standing for what I believe...after all this is "my space" it can contradict what I say I am by the action and words I present...right?

I can also choose to allow you to post on "my space" or "my blog" or that giving me sole control, is it making it more exclusively mine...

Why not have a private journal and inivite those people I know will give me positive feedback to read it instead of keeping it out in a public forum.

If I'm going to stand for something shouldn't I stand for it no matter what I'm doing or what I'm putting out there.

In the end my little corner really isn't is relative to those who choose to take the time to read it, think about it, and respond to it!

So, I say this, past you saying you are going to kill my family, I won't be deleting your comments. If I disagree I will let you know in a loving a kind manner, and I will appreciate your feedback. In the end as much as this is my space it is yours. I want you to feel welcome here. I want you to enjoy your stay. So, come one come all...good comments, bad comments....they are all welcome here!

Thank you and good night!


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