Why I Like...My Church!

Growing up in church it was very easy to consider it a very normal fair, just another task or duty to be accomplished, another place to go. I was spoiled rotten at my childhood church. It was warm, friendly, inviting, and SO MUCH FUN! I had strong women that raised me right, loving church family, and an amazing preacher who I loved with all my heart. When the family and I moved from Georgia to Kentucky the church was struggling. I’m happy to say it is once again growing and thriving.

My family and I quickly began to look for a church that would suit our needs. We ended up in one of the largest churches in town and quickly found our places. There was a thriving college and career at the time and it seemed so lovely and ideal. However, I was going through a really dark period in my life and I was still trying to win favor with others. A deadly game no matter how it is played. Finally, after two years and much emotional scarring, I left the church jaded about what church family meant and my place in it.

I spent another two years spending long periods of time not attending church, the longer I stayed out that less I desired to attend. I ended up attending a small church that my family and I had visited and loved for several months and then attended a larger church in a neighboring city for another little while. Both churches were lovely, but never really fit.

I ended up attending one of my best friend’s churches until I found the right one for me. Her Father made the statement one night, “Melissa, my prayer is that you will join our church!” It was like a light bulb going off in my head and God clearly spoke and told me this was where I was to be.

The first year was a blessing and a struggle. Being a small church it was hard to find my place and I resorted to the same old game playing to win favor with others. This time God wasn’t going to let it work! I ended up hurting people and getting hurt in the end! God was going to require me to live authentically!

I would guess that it was New Year’s 2005 when things started to change. Every New Year since then has been spent with my church family and I can’t even begin to think of a better way to spend it. I let go and let God.

I have grown more in this little church than I have in my entire Christian walk. We are truly a family of believers. There are so many that are seeking the face of God in this church, and as we grow in Him we grow closer to one another. We have a Godly devoted man as our leader. He is a meat feeding, toe stomping, spiritually deep preacher. I have said before once you have had a taste of that you can never go back. I’m so blessed beyond measure for them! I LOVE THEM! I PRAISE GOD FOR THEM!

The Lord has shared with me that eventually I will have to move on from this church. It is something that is hard to think about, but surprisingly I am willing, for I know that where God wants me is where He is. Like my preacher says, “You are at this church for a purpose. It is NOT what the church can do for you, but what you can do for the church!” I promise if you look at it that way you will be the one 100xs blessed!

I’m truly indebted to what Northside Baptist Church has done for me and my walk and heart.

Feel free to check out their WEBSITE!

If you are ever in the area we would LOVE to have you JOIN US!


bjk said…
so is your picture there anywhere.....nice to see you back.....missed you, your thoughts, hearing about your journey....love b
Pilot Mom said…
So glad you are back posting! Lovely church...
Anonymous said…
I like your new look here. :)

What a wonderful testimony to your church family. I'm glad you're in a place that is teaching the truth of the Word of God!

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