Least of These...

In showing “Christ” to the ‘least of these’ should I only give bread to the hungry, or the bread of life to those whose spirit is starved, should I only give the thirsty a cup a water, or take a cup of living water to a war torn soul, am I not the first person to share what I have with a friend in need and leave a stranger out in the cold, should I only give clothes to those without, or also clothe my enemy in prayer (and a shirt if he/she needed it for that matter.) I believe we create boundaries in our hearts for who we consider ‘least of these’. It is usually those we feel most comfortable helping. I know I do, I know I’m self-centered. Instead of helping someone take their groceries to their car, I sneer when I have to wait behind them in line, their heavy burden an annoyance. My pastor recently said, “Humility is not thinking of you at all.” How easily it is about me, and not the ‘least of these’. It isn’t social or economic status (or the lack of it). It is a bleeding broken heart that is gapping wide and the only thing that can fill and mend it I choose to hide under a bush of self-righteous pride.


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