Happy New Year!

What a glorious New Year it has already been! I have just spent New Year’s Eve with my church family. There is no better way to celebrate the hope and promise of a New Year! Oh, the things that we as a family agreed upon. I pray the same for each and every one of you, that we all my fall into true obedience with the Lord and seek His truth and gracious love each and every day in our lives. May we become the spirit of worship so others can worship Him. May we die to ourselves so that He can be manifest. The Christian walk is not painless, but it is the most joyful journey anyone will take. Let us not be scared to dive in deep with Him. I love you all. I pray for health, joy, peace, and a great big heaping of blessings on your life this year. Know that I hold each of you close to my heart and my prayer is that God will reveal the destiny He has for you and you will heed it with little fear and no hesitation. Grasp hold of Him!

I promise to write more…


Gracious Lord fill our cups with YOU, pour into us, create a fire in our bones, and strengthen our hands. Let us be reminded of how deep and intimate you want to go with us, and let us not back down, but proclaim you from the mountain tops. Oh Lord you are worthy of all praise and honor and glory. Thank you for family and fellowship, thank you for making the Christian journey a family affair. Lord, as we bring others to you and as they are changed by your saving blood, may we also cleave to the passion of discipleship. Let us not leave our brothers and sisters out to dry, but feed them and nourish their bodies for the road. This is not an easy journey, but a wondrous one. Let us not forget to stand in awe of you, and that all things come to us that are purposed by you. You truly work with the hand of providence on our lives. Thank you for loving us…for saying the things we don’t want to hear, doing the things we don’t understand, refining us in ways that are painful…oh you are good, you are good…you fill and I still thirst for more, when you heal you leave a scar…you are mighty, and your ways are not mine. Lord fill our cups so that we might wet others, and let us know that the journey of life is never ceasing until you call us home. We will clap and sing, and rejoice in who you are. We love you dearly…amen.

Psalm 135


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