I LOVE a good story... I am drawn and captivated by a simplistic truth to storytelling. I ache to see the richness of human souls displayed, be it a painting, a song, a sculpture, or all too often,…a film. Penelope is such a film. I was undone by the simplistic beauty of this film. This is what a fairytale is meant to be, this is what a folktale is meant to evoke, a place where all hop-toads are prince charming and all chamber maids are princesses. The perception of physical beauty is never found without, but within. The character of a human being can be changed by seeing belief in another person’s eyes. You are always more capable of being so much more than what most believe you possess, even yourself. However, this movie is far from self-love. It is more about self-confidence and being the creation, while God is not mentioned, that you were intended to be. Why wallow with the pigs when you were meant to dine with the King. This film is short, tender, and precious. A movie that Mothers and daughters should go see together. It shows the harsh reality of how people who are different are often treated, and what it means to truly love someone so much, that you would sacrifice your own happiness for theirs. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and I say that Penelope is a beautiful film.

I’m so endeared to Reese Witherspoon that this is what she wants to translate on screen. Christina Ricci looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her before, and James McAvoy gives a performance that rips your heart out. His emotion is played so deeply and you truly can feel it with him.

On a side note…I thought I was going to have to jump out of my seat and up and down while screaming at the top of my lungs when I saw the preview for “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”…oh my goodness…if the preview moved me this much I wonder what the film will do…May baby…its coming in May!


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