To Catch You Up!

It has been a long while since I have written just something about me on my blog, so I thought I would catch you up on what has been going on in my life. There is a lot of hope in the air and I’m anticipating greatness. The first thing is as of this Saturday I’m completely debt free. PRAISE GOD! I told God that I didn’t want to move unless I was out of debt, so the first step in the right direction. My heartbeat is still for Asheville, but I’m praying for what God wants. I’m no longer going to fight, in fact for awhile I’ve laid down and died…no more of that either. I want to live. We are to live fully until Jesus comes. I want to praise and serve while I’m waiting. I’m excited. I feel the trimmer in the air, and I’m anticipating the horizon. Whatever may come I will serve.

I’m so blessed beyond measure to have people who get me and love me and support me. I know without friends, family, church family I would have long ago given up. This Sunday we had the Lord’s Supper at church. It truly was refreshing and a way of renewing my heart and mind toward what is most important.

I’m still working at CCCS. The children bless my heart daily. I love them so much. You can see pics on my “myspace” site or facebook page.

This St. Patty’s day was spent with my dear friend Jamie. This is the second year we have spent time together on St. Patty’s day. I LOVE the shirts “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, but as far as I know I have no Irish blood in me, so Old Navy was selling shirts that said, “I’m Not Irish Kiss me Anyway”…I thought this was perfect. It probably will be my St. Patty’s shirt for next year too as it seems that Jamie and I are going to make a tradition of hanging out on this beloved day. We went to eat at this wonderful little restaurant that I believe some of you Northerners might know, Cosi. It is wonderful, and we enjoyed some yummy S’mores. Then we went to a concert at the Singletary Center at UK…An Dochas and the Haran Irish Dancers. We were on the second row!!!! I have NEVER been that close in any concert. It was AWESOME! We had handsome men who had great musical talent, great dancing, and a lot of fun. There were technical difficulties, but it was as if we were a family and enjoyed and cheered them on. IT WAS GREAT FUN!!!!!! If they come around town check them out!

I got to see a beautiful woman do an amazing job in the Lexington Passion Play.

I then had the opportunity to go visit my best friend since High School in Helena, Alabama. She and her husband have two beautiful children and I got to be Aunt Melissa for the long weekend. They are wonderful people and made me feel so at home. We had a great time. We spent the days going to a lovely little chocolate shop, American Village, an Easter Egg Hunt, eating at a wonderful little place called the Depot, and just hanging out at home. I loved snuggling with the kids and just spending time with my dearest and most loveliest friend. We laugh at the same things, journey through our differences, and really appreciate each other. It was a delight and a TRUE vacation. I had such a great time. I love you Jen.

I’m traveling down for a long weekend to visit my sis in Nashville April 11th-14th, and on Sunday April 13th I have the privilege of seeing Mr. John Eldredge speak for FREE! Now, most of you know what his work has meant to me. John is truly my favorite Christian author. Normally, you can only see him in Colorado and normally it is quite pricey. I feel that this is truly a divine appointment from God. This is the second biggest thing from meeting Melissa Gilbert. I’m praying over this and I know God is in it. Hurray! More information on this to come.

Life is more than good, it is blessed…I love the Lord…

Oh yeah, and May 4th my sisters and I are going to see John Waller (most amazing album ever), Leeland, and Casting Crowns. Never have I had a line-up I’ve loved more…

OK, now I must go because I have rambled on long enough. Enjoy your life, live your life, relish each day as a precious gift He has given. He is just far too amazing!



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