I LOVE my friend Erin!

So, a small package came in the mail for me today. I was first afraid that someone was trying to sell me something, but with nervous anticipation I opened the package and this is what I saw (I don't think I have been so suprised, except maybe my high school graduation suprise party)...

I SCREAMED! I couldn't believe she had done this. This was something we used to say when things were just stressful. I can't remember, we went to college together, if it was around midterms, finals, what...but this phrase was birthed. You could often just ask how the other was and know if they said it! It was WONDERFUL! I LOVE this shirt. I am going to wear it as often as possible. If I could wear it to work, oh how fitting it would be to, it would just be splendid.

My sister said that I had wonderful friends and you know, I do. It isn't anything I've done, but it is by the grace of God that He has provided me such wonderful amazing people in my life.

Erin, I have no idea how I'll top this with you my dear, but know this meant more to me than you will ever know, and brought up so many memories. It is truly the best belated b-day gift...EVER! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Always remember...Breathe. Puppies, unicorns, flowers, rainbows and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


Pilot Mom said…
What a great day! Isn't it wonderful how God lifts us up during the day through long time friends? I LOVE the shirt...especially the chocolate part! ;)
Becca said…
This is so awesome! Aww...I love people :]:]

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